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Network: FOX
Airtime: Not on the schedule
Current Season: Season 12 (12 episodes, final season)
Official website

Episode 12.01 - Untitled
Air Date: January 3, 2017

Episode 12.09 - Untitled
Air Date: To be determined, 2017
  • NEW! 11/06/2016 - Gordon Wyatt[, played by Stephen Fry,] will return for a final guest appearance. [...] Per Fox, Wyatt will reappear in the upcoming season’s ninth episode. Source: TV Line

Episode 12.10 - Untitled
Air Date: To be determined, 2017
  • NEW! 11/06/2016 - Betty White, who guest-starred as Dr. Beth Mayer last season on Fox’s Bones will reprise her role in the tenth episode. Source: Deadline

Other Spoilers 
  • NEW! 11/06/2016 - Throughout the final chapter, fans will see the return of fan-favorite guest stars and squinterns, as well as an old flame from one of the team's past. Fans also will experience a wedding, follow an epic serial killer storyline, go undercover in a lumberjack competition and see Booth and Brennan's marriage get put to the test. As always, new guest stars will be introduced, as well as a final round of gory murders, from which brand-new investigations will arise. Source: The Futon Critic
  • NEW! 11/06/2016 - Eddie McClintock’s Tim Sullivan [will be back]. Source: TV Line

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