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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bionic Woman

Here are the spoilers we have released in our spoilers chats over the summer and have not posted on the blog:

  • An upcoming episode will introduce Mr. Secretary. This man is a high ranking CIA employee in charge on covert operations. Jonas reports to him. This recurring character is described as dignified, powerful and secretive. Source: SpoilerFix.com
  • An upcoming episode will introduce Vivian, an intelligent 18-year-old used to living under pressure, whose mother recently passed away. Source: SpoilerFix.com
  • Episode "Face Off" will feature Dr. Matthew Stevens and South American cop, Beto Ruiz. I'll have more about this episode soon. Source: SpoilerFix.com


  1. This is without doubt the best new show on network TV this season. As with all shows there will be better episodes and lesser ones. So far this one has had very few of the lesser! It is really well written and even better acted. The cast is excellent. Also, it is actually, for a scifi story premise, fairly believable! The one thing I would like to see is Jordan Bridges made into a permanent cast member. His role steals scenes!!

  2. What are they going to do for a partner for Jamie now? Her partner Antonio, well played by Isiah Washington, was killed. That will be interesting. Two things I'd like to see: I also would like Jordan Bridges added as a regular to the main cast. And I'd like to see more of the Jae character. I hope that the show continues to develop and that it is around for a while. It's well made, better than a lot of the other shows currently out there.

  3. I've been really surprised how well made they've done this remake show. In fact it doens't seem like a remake as it is so different and original. It really is outstanding. I love the cast. I hope that the strike doesn't hurt it, that would be a real waste.