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Monday, September 10, 2007

Kyle XY

I've been receiving a lot of emails about Kyle XY spoilers lately. Sadly, we do not have access to enough spoilers to add the show to our "other shows" page. However, we have released a few spoilers in our chats and will continue to do so on the blog when we get any.

Here are the spoilers of the yet-to-air episodes I've released in chat over the summer:
  • Episode 2.14 will be titled "To C.I.R. With Love." The episode will feature at least one flashback of a teenaged Brian Taylor. The teen asks his father, a doctor, if he wants to play chess. When the man says no, not even looking at his son, Brian replies by asking what would he have said if Adam Baylin had asked the same question. Dr. Taylor replies by asking a difficult chess questions and says that the answer matters to him. Brian is not happy as he is his son, not Adam, and that his father should notice him. Dr. Taylor says that what he is doing with Adam is really important. Brian asks if what he is doing with Adam is more important than raising his own son. When Dr. Taylor doesn't reply, Brian leaves but not before answering that difficult chess question. Source: SpoilerFix.com
  • Episode 2.17 will be titled “Grounded.” Source: SpoilerFix.com
  • In episode 2.18, "Between the rack and..." (sorry I don't have the complete title), Lori and Declan talk about friendship but the discussion turns sour. Still fuming over the conversation, Lori gets angry at a 19-year-old Mark when the entrance door at The Rank slams into her. He is rather confused as to why Lori is screaming at him because he didn't really cause the accident. Mark drives to the Tragers' home and arrives at the same time Lori does. She thinks he is a stalker or something and gets out her pepper spray bottle. Her mood changes when Stephen comes out and greets Mark... his T.A. (it seems that Stephen has a teaching job). It looks like Mark could be a recurring and become a love-interest for Lori. Kyle and Amanda work at The Rack. Amanda and Jessi are not seeing eye to eye and the latter even threatens to call Amanda's mother and tell her her daughter hangs with Kyle. Josh gets worried when money is missing from The Rack's cash register. Source: SpoilerFix.com
  • Episode 2.19 will be titled "First Cut Is the Deepest" Source: SpoilerFix.com


  1. How come they stopped airing this show on ABC. It used to be on ABC on Fridays. I don't have cable so I stopped watching the show. :(

  2. apparently in Kyle XY episode 2.22 or 2x22, Sarah, Tom Fosses doughter shows up (source is showfax.com, more precise http://www.showfax.com/project_selection.cfm?l=1&t=1, you can download the script for Sarah there for 6 bugs, if you like - sorry I didn´t or I would tell you more :))

    The show stopped airing after 2.13 / 2x13, because this was the midseason finale. The show will wir the second half of season 2 (season 2.) around April 2008.

  3. No, it doesn´t mean Fosses doughter is alive, 2.22 probably shows some kind of flashback (e.g. Kyle accessing the data the CIR extracted from Foss)

  4. The show continues the second season on january 08. It's been confirmed

  5. none of those were right were did u get ur information

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