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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

No more spoilers chats but...

Tonight, we had our last spoilers chat at BuddyTV. Fear not, we have found another way to give you spoilers for the shows we don't officially cover on the site and to give you extra dish about the "other shows" shows. Before I tell you what we'll do, I wanted to take a moment to thank the people at BuddyTV (Royce and Kimmie in particular) for supporting us throughout the past year and a half. After weighing the pros and cons of chats, the SpoilerFix.com staff and I have decided it would best to concentrate our energy and time differently. Did you know it takes me on average about 5 to 6 hours to prepare a 1-hour chat?

As you have probably noticed, we added 4 new shows to our "other shows" line up on the site over the weekend (Californication, Friday Night Lights, October Road, Reaper) and plan to add more depending of if the series are picked up (e.g., Gossip Girl, Moonlight) or if it seems that our spoiler sources will give us enough spoilers this season (e.g., One Tree Hill).

How will we give you spoilers for the shows we don't cover on the site and used to spoil in chats only, you ask? Via our blog. As soon as we have new spoilers for shows we don't official cover or extra spoilers for shows we cover on our "other shows" page, we will post them over our blog. We will also let you know on SpoilerFix.com's main page when we add spoilers to the blog. You can also be notified of new posts on the blog by either subscribing to the site's RSS (
http://www.spoilerfix.com/rss.xml) or the blog's RSS (http://spoilerfix.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default) feeds.

How will this benefit you? You will not have to wait for the chat (or the transcript) to get access to those spoilers. We will also stop withholding for chat some spoilers for our fully-cover shows and will post them asap on the shows' pages. So you'll have all the same access but faster!

I may do spoilers chats here and there during the year but they will mostly be to answer your questions and not give spoilers. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your support during the chats and towards the site. We hope that this change benefits everyone (you, the site visitors, and us, the SpoilerFix.com staff).

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  1. I do not see anything about damages on this site. Is there no coverage for this show?