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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Watch the Heroes premiere with Izzy

Nope, you won't get a free plane ticket to travel to my house and watch the Heroes premiere sitting besides me! lol Instead, I will be hosting a live chat during the premiere this coming Monday.

The chat will be held at altcaster.com, a new site that offers a cool platform to host live chats. To watch/attend the chat, you will not need to register. If things work out as planned, you'll be able to watch the chat at altcaster.com and here on the blog. :D If you can't attend, you'll be able to come back to the blog and quickly read the entire session.

Not to worry, the chat will be kept to a minimal when our favorite heroes are on the screen! However, commercial breaks will be used to give instant reactions/comments, and much more! The chat will start on Monday, September 24, at 8:45 p.m. EST in order to quickly recap where the season 1 finale left off and also to sum up the spoilers for the premiere. The chat will also feature polls, pictures, etc. The fun will last for an extra 15 minutes after the episode so we can dish on the episode as a whole.

To learn more about how an altcast (the chat) will look to you, watch this short tutorial. You'll see it's really easy! You won't have to register to attend a chat, vote and send me questions and comments.

If the chat is popular, I may do more for other premieres or special events as my schedule will permit. I hope to see you on Monday!


  1. I am missing this show and can't wait!

  2. Any spoilers on alternate ending shot due to writer strike?