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Sunday, October 7, 2007


Episode 1.07 - A Civil War: A group of Persian college students are killed and one young man is kidnapped. The police believe he is secretlyinvolved in drug trafficking with his friends, but his mother and sister insist he is a good boy who wouldn't be involved in anything that would get him in trouble. Another Persian-American kid is upset about the murder of the 2 Persian boys and throws a brick through a gas station window. The owner of the gas station has a mindset and understanding of the world similar to Crews. Source: SpoilerFix.com

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  1. I didn't take to this show right away. Because of NBC.com videos somehow I found myself catching the last six episodes. My interest has grown. It is different from the usual old, and overly re-repeated main character blamed for what he didn't do scenario. There is a quite interesting secondary story line around the conspiracy that put Crews in prison and his partner, Reese, the daughter of the possible author of it all. To me the show is about acatively appreciating what you have. This episode really stressed that.