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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Women's Murder Club

Episode 1.08 - No Opportunity Necessary: Tom partners with Lindsay on a case involving a construction outfit and robbery turned homicide. Jacobi and Jill watch over one of the victims in the case, an illegal immigrant who was injured at the same time his son was killed, and his 5-year-old daughter who witnessed the crime. Heather brings the little girl to the hospital to see her father and Jill is surprised that she doesn't hate the woman. Immigration is called by a uniformed officer on the case and tells Jill and Jacobi that as soon as the man is released from the hospital, he will be deported and they can depose him from his home country. Jill partners with Cindy to try and stop that from happening. When the woman from Immigration thaws a bit, Jacobi asks her out. Lindsay looks at one of Tom and Heather's unusual wedding invitations. Source: SpoilerFix.com

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