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Monday, December 17, 2007

Gossip Girl - Spoilers

Here are a few more spoilers for "Roman Holiday," this week's Gossip Girl episode, which I had the chance to watch on Monday. Note that all spoilers we posted on the site are accurate.
  • Vanessa sent one of Dan's short stories to a big newspaper. The paper decided to publish it in a special issue. Since Vanessa gave the news to Dan as a present, Serena is stuck having to find a greater Christmas gift. When she finally finds a gift and gives it to him, Dan tells her he can't accept it. The eventually come up with a pact about Christmas gifts.
  • Bart Bass wants Lily to tell the world they are dating but she is hesitant, at first.
  • Blair wants to convince her dad to stay in NYC forever. But she hadn't taken Roman, her father's boyfriend, into the equation. While skating, Blair makes Roman fall. Blair decides to bring back someone from Roman's past in the hope it will have him call it quits with her father.
  • Rufus has an enlighting talk with Alex, his wife's ex-boyfriend.
  • Eleanor throws a Christmas-Eve party and is also designing a line of lingerie for Victoria's Secret.
  • While one couple breaks up, another may get engaged.

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