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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Episode 1.11 - Love Lasts Forever [Airing January 4]: While involved in a case against an El Salvadoran gangster, Josh is warned by the bad guys and then they treaten him with harm to Beth. He asks Mick to watch over Beth. Trying to figure out why Coraline chose Beth as a little girl, Beth and Mick take a vial of blood to the lab to be tested. The doctor thinks it's from a child because it's absolutely pure. When she tells them the blood type is extremely rare, Beth guesses correctly, telling them she knows because it is her blood type. Later, Mick and Beth are caught in gunfire but escape. Josh is kidnapped then shot and killed in front of Mick and Beth before Mick can save him. Source: SpoilerFix.com


  1. After the Sleeping Beauty episode, this one sounds like a perfect follow up. I've wanted to know why Beth was selected by Coraline from the start and I'm really curious in how this is answered. But I also want to know what Mick finds out about the blood from Coraline/Morgan he drew in the hospital. Would this help Josef's Sarah?

    I'm also very interested in how the story will go with Josh's death. I have found him to be a bit of a drag on the story. The conflict for Beth will be over now, so what will she do with it?

    I can hardly wait for this episode!

  2. No tears will be shed from me with Josh passing, nice guy and all, but just standing the way. Too sad only two more episodes to go.