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Sunday, July 13, 2008

NCIS and new fully-covered show

Hello everyone!

Because we've lost access to our NCIS spoilers source and because there are not enough spoilers for the show out there except for the official descriptions, I'm sad to say that NCIS will be removed from the site. We will not have access to enough spoilers this season to even keep it on the "other shows" page. If we ever stumble on spoilers that are not already out there, we will post them here on the blog.

We've been spoiling the show since the two JAG episodes that were used to test NCIS. Thanks to the cast and crew for offering us a great series. We will keep supporting you and watching the show even if we can't do spoilers anymore.

On that note, we now have a spot for a show to get its own page. We may give a unique page to two shows, we are still deciding. We need your input. Below is a list of six shows we are currently covering or plan to cover and have enough spoilers to give it its own page. Note that we went for shows that air on one of the five major networks and that air from September to January. Which show should get its own page? Vote now to give us your input.

Voting will be opened for a week.