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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Staff changes and Torchwood contest winners

Staff changes

Because of life demands, Jinnie and Kitzzy decided to leave the site. I personally want to thank them for the work they've done for the past few years. Their help was instrumental in making this site what it is today. Thanks both of you and good luck.

Joining the team is Rincey Abraham, who will take care of Supernatural spoilers.

Torchwood Yearbook winners

Congratulations to our five contest winners. Each was contacted via email last week. Winners will receive their prize via mail by Titan Books.

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  1. I love this. We saw that the Torchwood team went to the sites of rift activity. 4 senior police officers had been killed by weevils so Gwen went to the Police Station. Some ghosts are found at the central server building so Tosh and Ianto rushed to the building. They soon found the cause of the threat and shot them. this is great show. I mostly Watch TorchWood Online. it is very interesting. anyway your blog is very nice and very helpful.