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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Desperate Housewives

Excerpts from "'Desperate Housewives': You Ask, I Answer"

Loved the stuff with Lynette and Tom in therapy because the show is finally acknowledging what a beyotch Lynette can be. I like her better when she takes responsibility for it. But anyway, what else is coming up for them? -Mari

"Desperate Housewives" executive producer Bob Daily told Zap2it exclusively that Lynette and Tom's kid Preston is going to come back from Europe with a girl whom Lynette does not approve of. I did a little digging and found out what the deal is: Apparently the chick is Russian, about 10 years older than Preston and a serious gold digger. And the claws will really come out when Preston asks Lynette for her grandmother's engagement ring.

Are Gaby and Carlos going to be the ones to discover The Bolen family secrets? -Robert

Gaby's main concern regarding the Bolen's is her neice Ana. Because she knows the Bolens are trouble, she's going to do her best to get Ana away from Danny. And if that means calling in a favor with her former NYC modeling agent and setting Ana up with an apartment in the city, she just may have to do it. Thing is, Danny's definitely fallen for Ana and may disappear from the Lane right around the same time as Ana leaves.

Any scoop on the "Desperate Housewives" mystery? What is the deal with Angie Bolen? -P

We'll learn a bit more when Gaby and Angie go into New York to look for Danny. Actually, Danny will too. Turns out there's something major that Angie's been keeping from her son all this time...