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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Excerpt from "Elizabeth Mitchell Promises She's Coming Back to Lost—Perhaps for Kissing and Coffee With Sawyer?"

What do you think of the fan theory that Juliet was talking about a coffee date and knew that the bomb worked because she was flashing to another timeline where she was with Sawyer?

That's what I keep thinking! And I keep thinking that's why she wasn't so sad about it. She was sad for him. My feeling is she was already in a different place that was a lot happier—maybe she was in heaven, I don't know! But I like to think that she was in another place after the bomb went off—however it was that reality split—and for some reason, because she was dying, she was able to see both worlds. However, that's my own nerdy thoughts and ideas. They haven't told me a darn thing. They're gonna send me scripts in like a week or two. I will know more.

So you will be back on Lost one more time. Yay! Are you able to say exactly what episode?

I'm not entirely sure that they want me to say, but I know it's toward the end. I wish I could tell you, you know I wish I could.