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Saturday, March 27, 2010


From "Ready for the "Crazy, Mind-Blowing" 90210 Finale? We Are!"

What if we told you that—Spoiler Alert!—Annie was not the one who ran over the homeless man in the season-one finale! Shocker, right?!

After tormenting herself with guilt and alienating all her friends—not to mention putting up with Jasper's antics for far too long—looks like Annie's off the hook.

"The cliffhanger from last season will be answered," Trevor tells us. "I can't say it will all be good, but in one of the last scenes of the finale, you find out who actually hit the homeless guy—and I can guarantee it comes out of left field! No one will see it coming."

Sounds like an OMG-worthy moment if there ever was one. So who might the real culprit be? Trevor hints that everyone is up for grabs at this point.

"It is quite the season finale. There are a few scenarios that are mind-blowing—it's crazy," he teases. "I am definitely involved, AnnaLynne [McCord] is definitely involved, Shenae [Grimes] is definitely involved, my dad is involved; all of us have little storylines."

Whoa, back up. Could his movie-star daddio, played by upcoming guest star Ryan O'Neal, be the big bad?

Trevor teases: "The presence of my father coming into the picture, it's going to be a lot of drama. It definitely gets heated. He really does bring out a different side of Teddy because of their relationship, or lack thereof."

But worry not, because he promises the big reveal is not purely for shock value. "The writing is amazing and the cliffhangers are incredible. It will definitely leave you wanting to see more."

Yeah, he did say "cliffhangers"...plural.