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Friday, March 19, 2010


From "'Bones': You Ask, I Answer on episodes 99 and 100"

WHAT? What is on page 187? :) Tell us! -@bugaboo628

What is on page 187 of Brennan's newest book isn't quite as important as who it impacts. It will shed a new light on two potential couples. I think it's safe to say it brings one of the duos a little closer together and pushes the other a little further apart.

OMG, you saw [episode 100]? You KNOW we are gonna grill you now. So, you think we're gonna like it? Positive for B&B? -@ChoeBe

I would say it's a good step for the show. For Booth and Brennan fans, it's quite a ride. There are things that might feel like a pencil has pierced through your heart. But there are also things you've waited years to see.

In the classification of the 100th best episode, it ranks at what place? -@lysaleelee

Picking a list of "best" episodes can be highly subjective, but in my opinion, the 100th is one of the best hours the series has done to date... though there are some annoying continuity issues. However, even with those problems, it's easily one of the most important episodes for B&B, both in terms of the past and the future.

So #Bones fans will like it? Or is this gonna split people? How "completely shocked" are we talking. I can't freakin wait! -@moviegirl11

Oh, I would guess that the episode is absolutely going to split fans. There will be those that don't like what goes down while others will respect and appreciate what the writers have done. I predict that people will feel as passionately about the 100th as they did about the fourth season finale... though that is not to say that the same people who hated the finale will hate this episode (and vice versa).

I'll leave it at this: My jaw literally dropped at one point, because I did not expect to see a certain something to happen. It's good stuff.