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Friday, March 19, 2010


From "'Bones': You Ask, I Answer on the 100th episode, a little deja vu and a big wedding too..."

Bones!!!!! Please! Anything!!!! (thank you!) -Izzy

The 100th episode won't be the only hour in which we'll experience a bit of first season deja vu. In an upcoming ep, set at a rock and roll fantasy camp, Booth and Brennan will take on Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" -- which longtime fans will remember the duo also tackling back in year uno. Tamara Taylor (Cam) tells KTV that viewers will see Emily Deschanel (Brennan) sing and David Boreanaz (Booth) "shred on the guitar." Let's just hope this attempt doesn't end with Booth getting blown up again.

I'm worried about Hart Hanson saying some fans might be shrieking at the flashback ep. After the last finale, shrieking = bad. -Faythe

That's fair. However, when we talked with creator Hart Hanson, he certainly didn't seem worried about fan reaction to the milestone hour being unpleasant. "I think the 100th episode will be a satisfying episode for 'Bones' fans, not a dissatisfying one," he said. "And yes, sometimes I do unsatisfying -- well I hope not unsatisfying -- but dissatisfying episodes. Sometimes it's like, okay, let's stir up the hornets nest a little. [But with] this one, I hope it's a good, satisfying episode of 'Bones.'"

Will we ever find out who Gordon Gordon was talking about when he said that either Booth or Brennan knew about their feelings? Doesn't it have to be Booth? We know he's aware of them now -Katie

"In the 100th episode, much of that will be revealed," executive producer Stephen Nathan teased. "Many of those questions will be addressed."

Is the big wedding on "Bones" later this season for Jared and his fiance? -Hannah

Nope. Fans will have a much bigger emotional investment in the upcoming wedding and the couple involved. Cannot wait for you to see this particular story turn go down, so we can discuss!