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Friday, March 19, 2010


Excerpt from "Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Chuck,' 'Glee,' 'True Blood,' 'Grey's,' 'Lost,' and more!"

Question: I’m freaking out! Is there a chance Chuck won’t see a fourth season? In the meantime, can you prescribe some spoilers to keep sane? —Marie-Helene

Ausiello: It’s true that Monday’s ratings were terrifying, but Daylight Savings Time wrought havoc on all shows, not just Chuck. Having said that, exec producer Josh Schwartz was alarmed enough to alert fans via Twitter that “it’s time to get organized.” For now, I’m leaving the show’s prognosis at “a safe bet” on my Renewal Scorecard. On the spoiler front, Schwartz confirms that Anna Wu’s back! Julia Ling will reprise her role in the May 10 episode. Teases Schwartz: “She’s coming back for Morgan.”

Question: This week’s Chuck was awesome! It’s so depressing that it hasn’t been renewed yet! Do you have any spoilers to cheer me up? —Julia

Ausiello: I have it on good authority that the season finale will feature at least one significant death. Feeling better, Julia?