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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Episode 3.19 - The First Last
Monday, March 22, 2010

The KTs and OXs are preparing for the Gods of Golf Tournament, the winner of which will be named the top fraternity on campus. Meanwhile, the ZBZs are disappointed to learn that the annual Greek Week has been canceled. Casey talks to Katherine, who agrees to bring back the Greek Goddesses Pageant, under the condition that the competition focus more on strength of character and less on looks, of course. Which houses will end the year on top?

Rusty introduces his new girlfriend, Dana (Martha MacIsaac), to his KT brothers. Evan apologizes to Rusty for punching him, and also spills the news that he and Cappie hung out the last semester. Rusty is upset and feels that Cappie has been lying to him, and begins to doubt that Cappie has a plan to exact revenge on the Omega Chis after all. When Rusty confronts him, they both get kidnapped by a mysterious group of masked men - right before the Gods of Golf Tournament!
Calvin and Grant fight over where to spend their Spring Break -- whether on a gay cruise or with their friends in Myrtle Beach. The fight brings up dormant feelings, pushing them both toward the truth of their relationship. 
Source: ABC Family