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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grey's Anatomy

Excerpt from "'Grey's' exclusive: Guest blogger Shonda Rhimes previews 'intense, game-changing' finale"

what is coming up is pretty intense. It’s the kind of finale that changes everything. I know people like to say that, wave the phrase “game-changer” around like a red flag in front of a bull. But dude, this year? GAME. CHANGER.
I’m not gonna tell you anything about it. Because I’m scared to. Instead, let me tell about a few things that are going to lead up to it:
* Derek and Meredith are going to have a very serious conversation that may or may not involve the word “baby.”
* Teddy is going to find herself fighting for her job.
* You’re going to see what happens when two Karevs get in the same room together.
* Callie and Arizona and Mark are going to do something dirty with pound cake. They were going to do something dirty with mini-muffins, but Broadcast Standards and Practices said no.
* Sloan Sloan comes back to have Mark’s grandchild.
* A 700-pound man comes to Seattle Grace and our residents have a hard time remembering their sensitivity training.
* Mer is gonna go a little badass and protective on Owen when it comes to Cristina.
* Derek is going to get even dreamier (okay, I only said that so Patrick Dempsey will come to my office and say, “Please stop torturing me” And while he’s in my office, he’ll have to then say, “Please stop touching my hair or I am calling security.”)