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Friday, March 19, 2010

Grey's Anatomy

From "Jesse Williams Thrilled to Return to Grey's"

Though not yet known if he will be a series regular, a Grey's Anatomy rep has confirmed to me that Jesse Williams will be back for the 2010-11 season as Jackson Avery. When I congratulated Jesse on the exciting news, he told me he was hearing it for the first time.

“That is good news,” said the elated star. “I did not know that. I mean I had fingers crossed. They said, ‘We feel great about you.’ It was everything but the word.”

Even if Jesse’s surprised, I’m not. He has broken out from the Mercy West pact as a romantic figure with real potential to stir up trouble in future seasons.

“I can’t pretend I didn’t notice the amount of time and energy they invested in the character,” says Jesse. “I’m totally excited!”

Jesse has intentionally avoided discussing his potential future on the show with his friends who play the other three Mercy Westers – Robert Baker (Dr. Charles Percy), Nora Zehetner (Dr. Reed Adamson) and Sarah Drew (Dr. April Kepner). “I was only guaranteed to be in a couple episodes, so we’ve all been playing the cards we’re dealt every week,” he says. “We’ve had an allegiance to each other. I’m sure we’re all thinking about (the future) because it’s a terrific job to have, but there’s no discussions, like, ‘Say, did you hear anything? Are you around next week?’ What’s the buzz?’ That would drive us nuts because the last thing you want is one person’s success to be another’s downfall.”