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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Excerpt from "Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Gossip Girl,' 'House,' 'Lost,' '24,' and more!"

Question: Got some scoop for you: Neil Patrick Harris will play the live action lead in The Smurfs movie. Since I got you some scoop, how about some Lost scoop in return? —Antonio

Ausiello: Thanks for keeping me plugged-in, Antonio. Here’s your Lost scoop: If you’re expecting the Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle to move front and center during these final 10 episodes, it may be time to start managing those expectations. “We’re moving into the endgame of the show [and] the stakes have moved beyond, ‘Who’s Kate going to pick?’ and into, ‘Is anyone going to be left alive?,’ says executive producer Damon Lindelof. “I hope [viewers are] going to be satisfied with what we’re doing, but we’re not writing a romance novel here. I understand in seasons past how that was much more relevant. We’re not neglecting it, but there’s a lot of fish to fry. The elements of the love triangle — Kate’s relationship with Jack, her relationship with Sawyer, Sawyer’s relationship with Juliet, who’s dead — are a huge part of the season. All that stuff is in play.”

Question: Will we find out why Richard doesn’t age on Lost? —Julie

Ausiello: Yes. The big reveal occurs in the March 23 Richard-centric episode. And if you think you know the answer, think again. “I definitely had a number of theories about why he doesn’t age and I was dead wrong,” confesses Nestor Carbonell, who adds that the episode is unconventional in that “the ‘A’ story focuses on the origins of this character. There’s a little bit of stuff on the island, but not much. It [mostly] deals with the past.” In other news, click here for a major scoop/spoiler!