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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Excerpt from "Lost Redux: Wow. Just...Wow. We Finally Know What the Island Is"

More Four-Play: Just what you wanted (no?) a new four letter word that will be revealed in two weeks which is very important. If you want to play along, here goes: This word has no A's, one E, and as of episode 11 it will be clear that this four-letter word is what this series is ultimately all about. It's also the word that just might end up connecting the two worlds (the island and the Flash-Sideways Los Angeles) we've been seeing all season long.

Scoop on next week's episode:

* There's a reveal about Jin and Sun that will shock you. They are ­­*o* *a*****!

* We'll see Daniel Dae Kim shirtless. (You're welcome, Josh Holloway, who lobbied for that. And you're welcome, world.)

* Fake Locke reveals what they need to leave the island.

* We learn that a female Lostie is "expendable."

* There will be a "package."