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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ugly Betty

From "Betty: Bye Bye Braces"

Everyone in the world knows by now that her braces are coming off, but here's your exclusive first look at how Ugly Betty will lose her metal in the March 24 episode.
In the comedy's grand tradition of avoiding the expected, the procedure will not occur in a dentist's office, but rather at the Guggenheim Museum where Betty collides face first into a mannequin sporting a blinged-out million dollar bra.
"I chipped my front tooth rehearsing this scene - and it hurt!," reveals America Ferrera. "I thought how incredibly ironic that I mess up my tooth in the episode where Betty's smile is supposed to be perfect and there are extreme close-ups of my mouth."
A dentist was summoned to the make-up trailer to fix the star's chip, though on camera it will be guest orthodontist Kathy Najimy extricating Betty from her stuck braces. And who gets to pocket the iconic prop chops? "I think I'm okay with ABC keeping the braces," cracks America, "but I want the poncho."