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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Excerpt from "Bones Skeleton's Season-ending Clues!"
Episode 16 (April 8) “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” Clue: a bloody ear that will figure in to the startling conclusion of this special 100th episode’s flashback to Bones and Brennan’s very first case.

Episode 17 (April 15) “Death of the Queen Bee” Two clues: a star from Brennan’s high school reunion and a badge scribbled with the name Andy Pfleuger, Brennan’s old school crush who has been referenced in the past but will be seen for the first time.

Episode 18 (April 22) “The Predator in the Pool” Clue: a stuffed shark, as a nod to a death that takes place at an aquarium, which all too tragically coincides with the recent Sea World tragedy. “We used real sharks,” Kettner clarifies. “Not the stuffed fluffy kind.”

Episode 19 (April 29) “The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle” Clue: a guitar pick (with ‘peace’ sign) from this episode’s fantasy rock and roll camp. The episode was conceptualized for an abandoned ‘Fox Rocks’ promotional event which would have found all the Fox shows introducing musical elements into their storylines.

Episode 20 (May 6) “The Witch in the Wardrobe” Clue: ‘Ruby’ slippers (actually an old pair of Kettner pumps) represent a Wizard of Oz homage in this episode penned by Kathy Reichs, the author who invented the Temperance Brennan character in popular series of Bones novels.

Episode 21 (May 13) “The Boy with the Answer” Clue: A push-up ice cream pop that figures in so prominently to the gruesome death that Kettner’s not revealing any more than, “it’s not within the context that one normally enjoys ice cream treats.” We can only imagine…

Episode 22 (May 20) “The Beginning in the End.” Clue: A garden gnome which plays a key role in the solving of a case set in the gruesome home of a compulsive hoarder.