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Thursday, May 6, 2010


From "Smallville Season Finale Scoop"

After nine seasons, Clark Kent has yet to get his wings, but Smallville exec producer Brian Peterson promises something that should hold fans over. “Clark literally sees his destiny” in the finale, he says, adding that the hour will be “the culmination of everything that has happened with Zod and the Kandorians since they came to Earth.” That means return cameos by various members of the Justice League and Justice Society, one confirmed casualty and “four very big cliff-hangers,” including a moment of reckoning for the future Man of Steel. “Clark has one heroic decision to make, which takes us into next season.” Peterson hints that a clue to Season 10’s baddie will be buried somewhere in the finale. “Look very closely and you will see it. I think the comic fans will be able to spot it.”

The season finale of Smallville airs Friday, May 14, 8/7c, The CW.