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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gossip Girl

Thanks to The CW, I was able to watch the first two episodes of the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. Both episodes are action packed and quite entertaining. There is not a dull moment. The season premiere airs on September 13. Here are some spoilers for these first two episodes.

SEASON PREMIERE, "Belles de Jour"

- As spoiled over the summer, Serena and Blair are in France. They shot on location so expect a lot of scenery shots.

- Blair and Serena are ready to stop competing against one another. Of course, this pact doesn't last long. Two events will lead to Blair pushing Serena in a fountain as you probably saw over the summer when pictures of the scene leaked on the web.

- Georgina and the baby have been living with Dan. The latter has not informed his family of the news... Georgina is the one who finally breaks the news to Lily and Rufus. Wait to see how she does it! Dan doesn't know if he is the father but he is acting like he is. Expect for a few twists and turns in the first two episodes.

- Nate has been dating different girls all summer using Chuck's little black book. In the premiere, he meets Juliet, a young woman he meets in a restaurant. More about her in the spoilers for the second episode.

- Chuck is not the focus of this episode but we will see what happened to him. However, we discover that Lily has hired a PI to locate him.

Some fun lines said in this episode:

“My fairy godmother is my credit card.” – Blair
“Her hair lies.” - Vanessa about Georgina
“I know I have a flair for the dramatic.” -  Georgina

SECOND EPISODE "Double Identity"

- This episode is mostly focused on Chuck (along with Dan's baby problems). He and his new girl have arrived in France. He has a new life, a new name, and a new wardrobe. Serena will try to talk to him and get him to come back to NYC. There will be a fantastic Chuck and Blair scene near the end of the episode. There are a few pics of that scene on the web if you look for them.

- Serena must choose between Dan and Nate but will she be able to choose before they make their own relationship choices?

- Juliet will help Nate try to get Dan and Vanessa to hook up so that Serena can't choose him as he'll be taken. Meaning she will have to choose Nate. Who is that Juliet and why is she so quick in helping a stranger (Nate) get the woman he may love? I won't spoil the reveal but let's say it will bring a LOT of drama and not just for Nate!

- Dan, Rufus, Lily, and co, are trying to deal with the baby situation and Georgina. More twists and turns.

Don't miss Gossip Girl on Mondays on The CW.