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Saturday, March 5, 2011

90210's Adrianna's Revenge

If you've been watching 90210 all season like I have, I'm sure that Adrianna is now on your list of least favorite characters. Fame got to her head and she has become a brat and now extremely mean. Her texting to the entire school the picture she took of Silver in the locker room was oh so not right. Didn't you want to slap some sense into Adrianna after seeing what she did to get revenge?

Well, if that last season of the latest episode was a shocker, wait till you read about what Adrianna has planned next! According to Zap2It.com, Adrianna will mess with Silvers's bipolar medication! Silver will think that her illness is getting worse as her meds do not work as they had been thus far.

An upcoming episode (maybe the last season of the season finale?!?) will see Adrianna standing at the edge of a cliff. Is she thinking about suicide?

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