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Monday, March 7, 2011

GREEK Ends Tonight!

Over the weekend, I did some cleaning in the few promotional DVDs I have received over the years and found the press package I was sent by ABC Family for this new comedy titled GREEK. I popped in the DVD and went down memory lane in order to prepare for tonight's series finale. Some fun we had watching the lives of the GREEK characters unfold over the past years!

Sadly, the fun ends tonight. But, on the upside, the network warned the GREEK Powers That Be enough in advance for us to have closure in tonight's finale episode ever of the series.

TV Line asked showrunner Sean Smith to dish about tonight's finale and here is a summary of the spoilers he agreed to tell fans:

- His goal was to give fans closure and a conclusion they would appreciate.

- There will be hints in the episode as to what will happen next to the characters. But these hints don't imply that there may be another season. Tonight is THE END.

- The finale will explore the Casey/Cappie relationship.

- The episode will also tackle the potential relationship between Rusty and Ashleigh.

- The couple/non-couple that is Rebecca and Evan will receive a fitting ending. 

- Dale finds a worthy relationship.

- Calvin will finally declare a major.

If you want to read the full interview with Sean Smith: CLICK HERE.

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