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Saturday, April 9, 2011

NCIS: P2P Killer Storyline Intel

Entertainment Weekly reveals that Mike Franks and Trent Kort will join the NCIS team to help track the P2P killer. One member of the team (old, new, Mike and Trent) will die.

NCIS cast member Pauley Perrette revealed during CBS's Tweet Week event that the eye ball in Tony's drink at the end of the last episode belongs to someone we know!


  1. Worries now. I don't really want any team member to die (particularly any female because NCIS has done that to death-pardon the pun) but I really don't want to see Franks or Kort bite the bullet either; they, with Fornell being my favorite recurring characters.

  2. They either kill Ret. Lt. Col Mann...former love interest of Gibbs or Margaret Hart (Rena Sofer)and somehow take jurisdiction because the case is similar to the P2P killer - Because they cannot investigate the eyeball unless it belongs to a Naval or Military personnel.

  3. Looks like Mike Franks will be the one to go down to the P2P killer....he does not appear in the next episode but his daughter-in-law Leyla does.