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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Season 5 Spoilers for CALIFORNICATION

If you watched the season finale of CALIFORNICATION a few days ago, you saw Hank drive off into the sunset. It almost felt like it could serve as a series finale! Not to worry, there will be a fifth season. Not only that but creator and executive producer Tom Kapinos already shared a few spoilers about the upcoming season with TVGuide.com! Here's the scoop:

- Season 5 will be set three years in the future.

- Hank will be living in New York. He will end up going back to L.A. on business for what he thinks is going to be a very quick trip. He'll end up staying there a lot longer than he would like.

- Hank and Karen will have remained mostly separated during the time jump.

- The time jump will help Becca come into her own. She'll be a more normal and grounded 19-year-old and will be in college. However, she will have a boyfriend that may or may not be like a young Hank Moody.

- Charlie will remain separated from Marcy. The plan is to have Marcy settle down with Stu.

If you want to read the full interview, click HERE.

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