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Saturday, July 2, 2011

GLEE Update: Who Stays? Who Goes?

The GLEE's Powers That Be are preparing for the production of next season. This mean, deciding who stays and who goes as well as starting to write the first scripts. Here is a rundown of the GLEE spoilers released this past week.

- Kristin Chenoweth, who played April Rhodes, will more than likely not guest star next season as Ryan Murphy's plan is to have less guest stars during season 3. - Source: Zap2It

- Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, and Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike, will be series regular next season, which means more screen time and better storylines. - Source: TV Line

- Chord Overstreet, who plays Sam, will not be returning in a regular capacity. However, he could return as an occasional guest star. - Source: TV Line

- Most of the show's primary characters will graduate by the end of next season. - Source: TV Line


  1. The one time Mercedes gets a good storyline and a boyfriend he ends up not being recurring. That's bull. I need better storylines for her, something to showcase her. She's barely had a storyline unless u count her destructive crush on Kurt...smh.

  2. Seriously if they don't use Naya a lot more I'm going to flip. There needs to be a bigger focus on Santana's storylines. Naya is a fantastic singer and actress and I need more of her! Not a thousand scenes of Finn and Rachel breaking up and getting back together and talking about breaking up and bla bla bla.