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Sunday, November 11, 2007

How will the writers' strike affect SpoilerFix.com?

We have received a lot of emails asking us how the strike would affect spoilers and the site. So here we go with the answers!

The strike already started to affect us. However, since we usually spread out our release of exclusive spoilers (those credited "Source: SpoilerFix.com"), you should start to feel the effect only in early December.

What the strike means to the spoilers world is that spoilers, besides the official episode descriptions, will become quite rare from now on. When the strike is over, it should take about 2 or 3 weeks to start getting spoilers again. Thing is, spoilers are mostly leaked by people working on the set or fans attending tapings, etc.

We have been planning for the strike in the sense that we have been withholding the release of spoilers for series like New Amsterdam, Greek, Kyle XY, and we've been piling up spoilers for a few new series that we may post when things die down here.

We will still get spoilers from networks or actor/creator interviews that dish about episodes that are already filmed but have yet to air. But once all episodes have aired for a series, spoilers will be nonexistant until the stike is over and writers started to submit new scripts.


  1. But no matter how many spoilers you've been banking, if the strike goes on for 5-6 months, you'll be spoiler FREE for a long while.

  2. Even before the strike it seemed spoilers were slow to post. Was this because of pending strike?

  3. Grey's spoilers have been far and few between. Is this because of the writer's strike?

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  5. Indeed, if the strike lasts long, SF will be spoiler free for a while :(

    The reason why spoilers were slow to post is that my job changed and I have less time during the week to update the site :'( Which is why most updates happen in the weekend and are huge.

  6. Can you update us on how the strike is going when it does move along which will hopefully be soon.

  7. Call me dumb or whatever, but I have these mental images of the writers on LOST in the negotiations with the studios saying 'Give us what we are due or you might suddenly find a boom in the number of accurate spoilers for the show floating round the internet!'

  8. I am SO ready for the strike to be over! It pisses me off! Strike bc you want more money, when you already make lots! I work at a minimum wage job where our owners had stopped paying us, and us going on strike against them was a good excuse!

  9. It would be totally funny if the writers start spilling spoilers as a strike tactic. Scrubs creator has said that he will put out the proper finale somehow, regardless if the show survives the strike - Scrubs radio play would be really neat.

  10. People count on television its about time the damn studios recognize that without writers (which i strive to be) tv is nothing but static...they are complete dumbasses give the writers who deserve alot more than basically the same income a manager at burger king makes...and you will make more money...noone is going to watch your repeats..we've all seen them....piss off big wigs

  11. hey puss ass spoilerfix don't holdout on the people that tune in ever week is horatio going to get capped or are those damn glasses with abullet in them on the promo just for shits and the giggles

  12. To the person who thinks all writers make SO much money... you're dead wrong. Yes, SOME do. Of course. But many, many, many do not. Our jobs can be few and far between, which is why we rely on residuals to feed our families during those times of not-so-plenty. The conglomerations that own the media outlets are trying to NOT pay writers for use of THEIR characters on the internet. As we all know, more and more traditional "television" is being offered on the internet, a trend which will only continue and grow. I can assure you that the deal offered to us was so absurd, we had no choice BUT to strike. Don't blame the writers. Blame the corporations.

    And if you want more information, check out http://unitedhollywood.blogspot.com/.

  13. True it is not fair that writers are not getting the residuals they deserve for assisting in the production of a show, but with the strike, many more people than just the writers are being affected. The city of Los Angeles in general will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in many different departments of the city because of the strike. People that take part in the production of the shows, such as the fabric makers for costumes or laundry services are much more deeply affected than many of the writers. Some may lose jobs or their entire business because of the strike due to the fact that their business mainly supplied the studios. Many writers too will be affected in the sense that those that find it difficult to locate work on a daily basis are forced to join a strike that pays them even less money, and in the end, they probably will not see any of the residuals from the shows. The ones the will reap the rewards are those that are already a part of the big production television networks, such as Grey's Anatomy, whose product is sold over the internet. I'm not saying they shouldn't fight for their rights, but the entire movie industry should step outside of their world a discover how it affects the rest of us.

  14. I get that the strike is causing there to be fewer spoilers. But spoilers ARE still being released, and it seems that you guys just stopped posting in november. what happened?

  15. Any new news on how the strike is going?

  16. The sad thing is that most fans will support the writers and we already appreciate and pay for their work. It (the money) doesn't get filtered down to them though. Which sucks, but is the way it works everywhere.

    Who suffers in the event of a strike like this? The fat cats and studio bosses... Nah, already rich.

    The fans are the people that suffer.

    The writers still have my support though. For now at least. ;o)

  17. i think that the writers are just being whiney. and i will not be a happy camper if grey's gets the boot.

  18. So what is the latest news on the strike?

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