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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Repost of spoilers from SpoilerFix.com that haven't happened yet.

Episode 3.14: The Toirtoise and the Hair
Airdate: February 2010
  • 10/23/09 - Sam Page (a.k.a. Joan's jerk-face husband on Mad Men and James Woods' ex-underling on Shark) is joining Greek in a major recurring role, sources confirm. Page's character, Joel, is described as a smart and accessible local campaign manager for a congresswoman. During the casting process, Greek producers referred to the role as "McDreamy with a law degree." I think they got the right guy for the job. According to a Greek insider, Joel shares a past connection with Rebecca; he used to work on the Hill with her father. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 10/11/09 - Joel: Just 30 Male...Super-cute, smart, dedicated and accessible ("McDreamy with a law degree"), Joel is a local campaign manager for a congresswoman. He worked for three years on the Hill with Rebecca's father. Recurring guest star. Please submit all ethnicities. Dean Burton: 50's Male...A short, slightly disheveled, very enthusiastic professorial type (think Wallace Shawn), Dean Burton is a Dean with the college's Engineering Department. He's very eager for CRU to have the opportunity to increase its prestige (not to mention the chance to say "Suck it" to M.I.T.). Please submit all ethnicities. David Fanning: 40s Male... dapper, British, David Fanning is a journalist for EW--that's Engineering Weekly--who's on campus to conduct an interview. A pleasant guy, he's a bit David Frost to Dr. Hasting's Richard Nixon. Please submit all ethnicities. Hunter: 20-22 Male... this super-sexy, flirty guy has something just a bit pervy about him. Please submit all ethnicities. Middle Aged Guy: 40's Male...This middle aged guy works for Joel in the local campaign office. Please submit all ethnicities. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 3.15: Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe...Or Not
Airdate: February/March 2010
  • 10/18/09 - Tabitha: 18-21 Female, this cute redhead is intrigued and flattered when Rusty approaches her with some Valentine's candy hearts. Nurse: 40s. This female nurse assists some college students at the hospital ER. Submit all ethnicities. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 3.16: Your Friends and Neighbors
Airdate: February/March 2010
  • 11/01/09 - Margie Hilgendorf: 40s Female - An affable working mom and wife to Tom Hilgendorf, a CRU professor. Margie is a new neighbor to the KT House, and she pretty much just wants them to clean up the assorted tons of crap that's been dumped in her yard during the last 20 years. Hannah Hilgendorf: 18 or legal 18 to play 16 (emancipated is ok). Female, the daughter of Tom and Margie Hilgendorf, a cute, fun-loving high school student who loves crashing college parties. Dewey: 18-19 Male, a freshman pledge at the KT House, with neither the brightest mind nor the hardest body. Possible recurring co-star. Please submit all ethnicities. Sunny: 20-22 Female - Casey's Freshman year roommate, Sunny is just like her name: cheerful, shining, perpetually upbeat, maddeningly perky. Please submit all ethnicities. Source: SpoilerTV