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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Repost of spoilers from SpoilerFix.com that haven't happened yet.

Episode 6.03: What Kate Does (Kate-centric)
Airdate: February 9, 2010
  • 09/27/09 - TVSquad summarized various spoilers from the two sources: The scenes being filmed at what is supposed to be LAX International Arrivals feature Jack in a suit, a very pregnant Claire, Kate and Dr. Arzt, amongst others. In the third episode, titled "What Kate Does," Kate and Claire share a cab and their destination is the house of the couple who are set to adopt Aaron. When they reach the couple's door, the woman says she really wanted to adopt, but that her husband ... and then says she can't have the baby right now. Bad timing, as Claire goes into labor at that exact moment! There will be a taxi cab accident in L.A., but it's unknown yet if it's the one Kate and Claire are in, as there are set reports where Kate is driving the cab and other reports saying someone else is. Source: Lost Spoilers and Hawaii Blog
  • 09/01/09 - Melky: Male, 30s to 40s, any ethnicity. Dangerous looking guy that can be surprisingly calm. Runs a seedy chop shop and not someone to be messed with; has handled many dicey situations and is not thrown by anything. Jenny: Female, early 30s, any ethnicity. Yuppie, sweet, happy and well off. Never had any problems until she receives heart-breaking news that tears her world apart. While dealing with her personal crisis, she then has to deliver bad news to someone else knowing it will hurt them, too. Russell: Male, late 20s to early 40s, any ethnicity. Tough guy who takes no gruff from anyone. Executes orders efficiently but has a nice, compassionate streak that surfaces from time to time. Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 6.04: The Substitute (Locke-centric)
Airdate: February 16, 2010
  • 10/11/09 - We learn of a connection between The Smoke Monster and MIB. Fake Locke gets an old friend to join his army. Ben lies to Illana about what happened inside the temple. Jacob is dead and his ashes are collected by someone whose name has 5 letters. Someone tries to persuade Sun to visit the temple claiming that Jin is there. Frank want to try and see if his plane on the other island will still work Sun insists they bury someone properly. Frank makes a comment about the "weirdest funeral ever." Ben makes a touching speech. Sawyer is drunk when he reunites with a familar face. Someone reveals that they know a lot more about the island than Ben. We find out that Jacob has a child. An old friend crosses paths with someone unexpected off island. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 10/11/09 - Jacob has a child and it's one of the [following] people: Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, Hurley, Locke, Michael, Bram, Desmond, Caesar, Illana, Ben, Richard, Sayid. Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 6.05: Title Unknown
Airdate: February 23, 2010

Episode 6.06: Sundown (Sayid-centric)
Airdate: March 2, 2010
  • 11/14/09 - L.A. Law's Sheila Kelley has been cast in a recurring role on Lost, TVGuide.com has confirmed. Kelley, 45, will play a character named Kendall in the sixth season of Lost. Source: TV Guide Online
  • 11/01/09 - Team Darlton is on the prowl for a female actress in her mid-30s to play. Kendall: Described as an "intellectual beauty with a sharp edge to her wit," she is caught committing corporate espionage and has to lie her way out. Recurring potential. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 10/18/09 - Sam: Middle Eastern, 9. Raised in America and has no accent. Typical boy: smart, eager, ready to tackle anything and watches out for his little sister. Happy to see an unexpected visitor but sad he can't stay longer. Eva: Middle Eastern, 6. Raised in America and has no accent. Shy and not as willing to plunge into new situations as her brother. Happy to see an unexpected visitor but sad he can't stay longer. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 10/11/09 - Habib: Middle Eastern, male, late 30s to early 40s. He's stoic but a little soft around the edges. A father and family man. Tries his best to be intimidating but can't quite pull it off. Gets in well over his head and pays the price for it. Roy: Any age, any ethnicity. He's a professional mid-level tough guy who is courteous and reserved because of the powerful interests he represents. Helps motivate a client to make his payments. Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 6.07: Dr. Linus (Ben-centric)
Airdate: March 9, 2010

Episode 6.08: Recon
Airdate: March 16, 2010
  • 12/13/09 - Selena: Any ethnicity, early 30s. A striking beauty who knows how to use it, mischievous, confident in tense situations. Ends up in bed with an attractive man, all by her own choosing. But after corporate negotiations, she finds the terms of the deal have changed and doesn't know who to trust to save her job. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 11/14/09 - Seamus: Any ethnicity, 30s-40s. A scientist with some physicality to him. Not afraid to take charge and give orders. Looking for someone interesting. Possible recurring. Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 6.09: Ab Aeterno (Richard-centric)
Airdate: March 23, 2010
  • 11/14/09 - Isabelle: Latina, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Strong sense of self and adores her husband. Devout Catholic who is battling a long-term illness. Father Suarez: Latino, 50s to 60s, fluent in Spanish. A well educated, old school Catholic priest who is stern and has an inflexible opinion of right and wrong. Jonas Whitfield: Early to mid 30s; English; must speak with authentic accent. He's crisp and his bearing is of a British military officer. Athletic and agile, he's worked hard to rise up the corporate ladder and make something of himself. He believes in survival of the fittest. Doctor: Latino, 40s-50s, fluent in Spanish. Sophisticated, wealthy, and a somewhat mercenary upper-class doctor who has an imperious bedside manner but knows his stuff. Ignacio: Latino, 30s, fluent in Spanish. Poor, religious and street smart. On the wrong side of the law but only because he's a victim of his circumstances. Source: Lost Spoilers

Episode 6.10: Title Unknown
Airdate: March 30, 2010
  • 12/13/09 - Desk Clerk: Male. 30s, any ethnicity. Loves his job and is usually on top of things. When he's made a mistake, he's quick to accept it and resolve it satisfactorily. Kendall: Female.30s, any ethnicity. Attractive and professional. Good at her job and does not cut any corners. Customs Official: Male. 50s, any ethnicity. Pot-bellied, efficient bureaucrat inured to travelers' pains and frustrations. Suspects people are always trying to get something past him. Source: Lost Spoilers

General spoilers:
  • 12/13/09 - An ABC spokesperson confirms that there is no deal in place for Maggie Grace to return to Lost at this time. [...] I know most of you have heard about the "alt Lost " this season, and so have I. But I'm also told that the thing that I'm pretty sure needs to happen for "alt Lost " to happen does not happen. [...] "[Rose] and Jack will be reunited, and this time it will feel so good!" [...] We already know that Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) is back on Lost in some capacity this season, but what's the real deal behind her resurrection? "I can't say," she tells us with a grin. And just why not? "Because it's really, really, really, really, really, really exciting and I don't want to ruin it. It's too good to say." (Yes, she really said really that many times!) And on that note, this is the most revealing thing we were able to get out of her: "It's going to blow people's heads off." Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • 12/13/09 - Zuleikha Robinson who plays Illana is now a series regular. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 12/13/09 - Rebecca Mader, who was prematurely killed off Lost last season, has agreed to reprise her role of anthropologist Charlotte Lewis. Source: Keck's Exclusives
  • 11/14/09 - Set report spoilers from Celestial Beauty: This is what I managed to find out on the set I visiting during the filming at the High School last week. You already have a few bits of this but here goes. At the school, Alex (Tania Raymonde) is actually a student at this school where Ben is a teacher. She is still "close" to Ben. Also spotted at the school are both, boom boom, Doc Arzt and Rose! No sign of Bernard. One of the new guests that you posted, William Atherton, was on the set. He is actually the Principle of the school, however I'll leave you with this cryptic snippet. Although he is the principle, that may not actually be his only role! Locke and Ben both work at the School. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 11/01/09 - [Carlton] Cuse tweeted a clue for Lost fans to figure out. "Damon and I are die hard fans of this impeckable actor who keeps the barr high and just signed to guest star on the show. Life is good!" The misspellings were clues leading to the name... William Atherton. In order of the clues: Atherton was in both Die Hard and Die Hard 2, his character's name in Ghost Busters was Walter Peck, on Desperate Housewives he played Dr. Barr and the 62-year-old actor was also Charlie Crews' nemesis on Life. Source: TV Guide Online
  • 11/01/09 - On the Island, Locke is a true man-about-town... er jungle. Not only is he seen reuniting with a number the original Losties, including the badass, rifle-toting Claire, but he even finds the time to get stabbed by a genuine Iraqi. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 10/24/09 - These are from various episodes from 6.01 up to 6.05 and 6.06: A character you would NOT expect sits next to Jack. Someone becomes ill in the toilet and needs Sayid's help. Kate "jumps" someone but it is not Sawyer. We'll see the numbers again in a signifcant and shocking way. Hurley continues to communicate with someone special on the Island. Sayid injuries are healed by something watery. Someone shoots at Flocke and a battle ensues. There are 2 burials. Jack and Kate take Sayid somewhere "Shiney". Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 10/24/09 - Season 6 will showcase "a version of Claire we've never seen before - a Rousseau-esque version." We'll be in need of a Rousseau fix since the real version will be MIA. According to a Lost insider, the French Lady's portrayer, Mira Furlan, turned down the show's request to return for the final season due to a "prior overseas commitment." Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 10/11/09 - You can add Katey Sagal's name to the list of Lost alums who have jetted off to Hawaii to shoot scenes for the final season. Source: TV Guide Online
  • 10/04/09 - [A guest character will be Detective Rasmussen. He] is an investigator who makes a visit to the Hospital that Claire and Kate are in from the previous set reports. The detective may be there to investigate Kate. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 08/30/09 - Popular Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada is joining the cast of Lost in the series' final season as a recurring. Details on his character and the number of episodes he will appear in are being kept under wraps. Source: The Hollywood Reporter
  • 08/30/09 - Set report from a fan: When we arrived, Terry O'Quinn (Locke) was the only main actor working, and he was laying in the sand. likely to get a close up for his body. Then, as he was replaced by a stand-in (lie-in?), Yunjun Kim (Sun) and Nestor Carbonell (Richard) arrived on set with other actors and extras. The next scene was of Not-Locke and Richard descending from the temple. The assembled Others, obviously suspicious of Not-Locke, raise their guns as Not-Locke steps up to confront Richard. After O'Quinn rehearsed some moves with Carbonell's stand-in, the last scene we watched was the most intense. Not-Locke beats the crap out of Richard. After Richard is taken down, Not-Locke looks across the faces of everyone watching. He waves his finger and says, "I'm very disappointed in all of you." Source: The Transmission
  • 08/09/09 - It might be a busy season for Grunberg, who has also been approached about appearing on Lost. The actor, who played pilot Seth Norris of Oceanic flight 815 in the very first episode, got a call about coming back for the last season of the hit ABC show. Grunberg is totally game for anything the Lost producers can cook up for him, but he has no idea what they are planning. "That's literally where my call ended," he says. Norris didn't survive the island, but as more of Lost's characters who met the grim reaper are signing on to appear one last time, it would only be appropriate to bring back the man who flew them to the island in the first place. "If NBC will allow it," Grunberg says. "I will go back." Source: TV Guide Magazine
  • 08/03/09 - We won't see much DHARMA in Season 6. Jacob has NOT appeared as another character on the show. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 08/02/09 - Season six of Lost will be reminiscent of season one in that there will be a lot of running through the jungle and emotional development for the characters. The marketing graphic for Lost season six included all our favorite characters (heralding the return of many of them) but the important thing is that the last character added to the animation was Locke, and he was very obviously facing backward, while all the other characters were facing forward. Ahhh, Unlocke! According to Carlton [Cuse] the time-travel season is over and the flash-forward season is over and they're moving on to something altogether different for season six. According to Josh Holloway in the press room, Sawyer will be destroyed by the tragedy of Juliet, pushing him back towards his original, more "salty" character. He'll still carry around season' five's character growth, but he'll be rejecting it. [...] The extensive backstory of Richard Alpert will be explored in season six. [...] As we learned earlier this summer, Elizabeth Mitchell will appear on Lost in season six. According to Damon, her survival is contigent upon Jack's plan working. Jeremy Davies will appear as Daniel Faraday in Lost season six. [...] According to a [fake] clip from America's Most Wanted, Kate Austen did not in fact kill her stepfather in an explosion, but she killed his employee, a plumber's assistant, instead. Have we wandered into alternate-timeline territory? And could that timeline possibly start before the crash of Oceanic 815? Two other videos that hinted at an alternate timeline were Mr. Cluck's (starring CEO Hugo Reyes) and an Oceanic Airlines commercial that said they've never had a crash... [... Dominic Monaghan] is set to appear in three episodes in season six. Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • 08/02/09 - [Ian] Somehalder told EW exclusively that Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse only told him half an hour before the Vampire Diaries panel that he will be coming back next season. "It's not clear yet" when it'll happen but "it'll be very soon." Somerhalder said he wasn't necessarily surprised at the development, because he had been talking to the producers for some time about returning. "It's just a matter of timing and getting me down there," says Somerhalder. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 08/02/09 - Lost's Nestor Carbonell will finally be a series regular next season. "I'm moving my whole family to Hawaii next week," Nestor tells me. "This whole time I've been flying back and forth, but now I'll be living on the island with the others. They tell me I'll be in 16 of the 18 episodes." Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof say his backstory will take a significant time to reveal. Adds the actor: "Obviously Richard doesn't age, so I'm most curious to know how old he is and if he's in fact pulling the strings." Source: Keck's Exclusives
  • 08/02/09 - The return of familiar faces - including the decidedly dead and presumed dead - will also come into play, with both Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell set to reprise their roles as Faraday and Juliet. And based on the dramatic timing of Dominic Monaghan's last-moment arrival on the dais [at Comic-Con], Charlie would seem a safe bet to (somehow) resurface as well. And the encores might not stop there. "There's a good chance you'll be seeing many characters you haven't seen since the first season," said [Damon] Lindelof. Some tropes will be absent from Season 6. Time-travel is so yesterday, the producers indicated, and flashbacks/forwards are long gone. Instead, Lindelof said, "We're going to do something different" to tell the final 18 hours' worth of story. Source: TV Guide Online
  • 06/14/09 - Team Darlton is checking the availability of several MVPs [from past seasons to appear in the series final season. ...] After sitting out last season, [Emilie] de Ravin will return as a full-time series regular for Lost's sixth and final season, Team Darlton confirms. "Damon and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show," says Carlton Cuse, "and even more excited for people to experience just how she will return." Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 06/14/09 - "Like, a third of the way in to the season, I would guess we are going to settle into one time frame, and it will be very linear-no more flashbacks, nothing. It will be on the Island and sort of a final conflict to the end," said [Matthew] Fox. He assured fans that all the crazy storylines introduced in earlier seasons will be resolved and that the conflict between Jack and Locke "will come head to head" this season, but he wouldn't divulge more than that. When asked what would happen if he did, he said, "Some guys would pull up outside this building in a white van and masks, and I'd never be seen again." Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • 06/14/09 - Lost masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been dropping hints about how the show will end next spring. Among the mysteries unravelled in the very last episode will be the significance of the four-toed statue, what the Smoke Monster really is and who the skeletons in the cave were. [...] Says Cuse: "The end of the show will be a combination of trying to answer mysteries the audience still cares about, such as the statue and the Smoke Monster. We'll also be answering the skeletons in the cave question. We will answer the questions we feel are important and central to the plot. At the same time we will be trying to tell redemption stories about the characters. These characters do indeed have a destiny." Source: Sunday Mercury
  • 05/27/09 - [Elizabeth Mitchell] will not be returning to Lost as a series regular. [...] Multiple sources confirm that the actress is expected to appear in an unspecified number of episodes next season, so it's entirely possible Juliet survived Jughead and her absence will be explained in another way. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 05/08/09 - Damon [Lindelof] said that when the show ends, "All of the character resolutions will be very defined. There is going to be no cut to black. The show for me and Carlton Cuse and J.J. Abrams and all the people writing it-it's not about the Island. The Island is where it takes place. It's about this group of people who crashed on the Island on Sept. 22, 2004 and how they influenced the history of the Island in some ways and had a very significant and pivotal role to play there. You're going to see that role play out, and their fates will all be resolved by the end of the series- that's the story that we're telling. In terms of every little bit of minutiae about the Island itself...There will be questions left unanswered after the show ends." Libby's story will not be wrapped up on the show. Said Damon, "I have learned that if you kill someone off the show, they are less likely to cooperate with you." Basically, Cynthia Watros is busy until further notice, and they can't explain Libby without her, at least not in any way that shows her story rather than annoyingly tells her story. What's the takeaway for us fans? Next time you've got Damon cornered, don't waste your breath asking about Libby. Instead, bust his chops about another very important blonde: Claire! Where is that little minx, anyway? Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • 07/12/08 - John Terry (Christian) and Alan Dale (Widmore) are in talks to return next season on a recurring basis. In the fine print of both their contracts, it states that Lost has the right to pick up series regular options on both actors for the show's sixth and final season. Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 05/03/07 - Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were on the Drew and Mike radio show. They revealed that the smoke monster will not be explained until the end of the series. Source: The Tail Section
  • 05/01/07 - Lost Spoilers offers us a summary of the spoilers Cuse and Lindelof revealed in the latest podcast: They will be revisiting the psychic's predictions for Claire in the future as well as Walt's abilities. The Others' obsession with children and pregnancy goes beyond the inability to successfully bear children on the island. The Other's definitely have an interest in children with special abilities. That's why they took Walt. There are two factions of The Others and are in no relation to the hatches/stations. They will be getting back to the statue before the show ends. Source: Lost Podcasts
  • 02/12/06 - Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof reveal: Given everything else we have to tell, [Libby's story] is going to be a mystery that's going to have to get answered in year 4. There's really one significant missing piece to Libby's story. We saw in the season finale last year that she met with Desmond, she gave him his boat, and we know that her husband died — and then we know that subsequent to that, she spent some time in a mental institution, the same one as Hurley. The question the audience wants answered is, How did she get from A to B — from Desmond to the mental institution? We know the answer to that question, but the only way to tell that story is through another character's flashback, and that character would have to be another character on the show who is not among the beach dwellers. Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • 11/08/06 - [Eko might be back and it] might not necessarily be a flashback episode. Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News-Views/Columnists/Ask-Ausiello/default.aspx
  • 07/22/06 - Viewers will learn why Libby was in the asylum, and why the island has healing powers. Source: Sci Fi Wire
  • 05/14/06 - Damon Lindelof [reveals]: Libby's got this mysterious backstory, of which we've only given you the tip of the iceberg. We know she's spent some time in the mental institution with Hurley, and the idea of killing her before she had an opportunity to explain how she got there... we have a master plan for how we're going to tell that story, but it's all posthumous. You'll start to learn Libby's moves through flashbacks over the course of the next season. So we're not done with Cynthia, but Libby is dead. Source: The Ausiello Report
  • 05/03/06 - The story of the wrecked research vessel, it will be coming at some point but we can't guarantee it'll be in Season 3. Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News-Views/Columnists/Ask-Ausiello/default.aspx