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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Desperate Housewives

From "'Desperate Housewives' scoop: A happy ending for Katherine and Robin?"

News that ABC is looking to transfer Desperate Housewives‘ Dana Delany to a new procedural next season would seem to suggest that her late-in-life-lesbian alter ego, Katherine, is headed straight off Wisteria Lane. But that may not necessarily be the case.

First off, Delany’s deal to join the cast of Body of Evidence is still not done. And second, even if the Emmy winner does sign on the dotted line, there’s no guarantee the pilot will become an actual series. “You never know with pilots,” Delany shrugs. “Many of them never get off the ground, so all this talk could be rendered [pointless]. But I am realistically hopeful. I love the [Evidence] character, so I hope it all works out.”

Delany’s ideal scenario has her headlining Evidence next season and making occasional guest appearances on Housewives. “[Series creator] Marc Cherry [promised] he would not kill me off and told me I was always welcome to come back to the Lane,” she says. “I would love for Katherine to pop into town and say hi to the gang every once in awhile.”

In the meantime, Delany remains focused on finishing out this season of Housewives. Does she think Katherine’s big gay awakening will stick? “This might actually be her thing,” she says. “It may make her happier than she has ever been. She does not have the best track record with men to begin with.”

Coincidentally, Delany’s current on-screen squeeze, Julie Benz, also landed an ABC pilot — the super-powered drama No Ordinary Family. For her part, Benz hopes the simultaneous bookings will result in a happy ending for Katherine and Robin. “I love the idea that those two may ride of into the sunset together.”