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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ugly Betty

From "Exclusive: Two (possibly three) 'Ugly Betty' vets return"

Who says you can’t go home again? As Ugly Betty nears its April 14 series finale, it’s welcoming back, like, half of its former cast, including Ashley Jensen (Christina), Freddy Rodriguez (Gio), and maybe Chris Gorham (Henry).

Jensen, who’s currently employed on the CBS sitcom Accidentally on Purpose, reappears in episode 18, when Betty goes abroad to cover London Fashion Week for Daniel and runs into her exported Mode BFF. (Besides a semi-stylish wardrobe, our heroine packs sis Hilda for a bachelorette party with, I’m guessing, a tea-and-crumpets theme?)

But of course Christina’s pop-up pales in comparison to the return of Betty’s former sweethearts — well, at least one of her former sweethearts. Rodriguez’s comeback is a done deal. Gorham, however, remains a bit of a question mark. Last I checked he was in negotiations to return for an episode, but all I’m hearing now is radio silence. Something tells me we may not know if Henry’s returning until his actual episode airs. I guess a little mystery never hurt anyone.