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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ugly Betty

Excerpt from "Spoiler Chat: Who Is Jack's Baby Mama on Lost?"

Isaac in Georgia: I'm an old-school Ugly Betty fan, and I always thought that Betty and Henry were meant to be together in the end. Any chance that's going to happen before the end of the show this spring?

We just talked with Christopher Gorham himself at USA's Character Approved Awards in New York and asked whether or not Betty and Henry were going to end up being Ugly Betty's one true pairing. He told us, "I always thought that [Betty and Henry] were meant to be together, but it's out of my hands." We thought he sounded pretty defeated as he said this, so maybe don't hold your collective breath for a series-ending Suarez-Grubstick wedding? Sorry, guys.

Teresa in Kentucky: How will Betty end?

I'm told that Hilda will have a shower in London, and Betty, Hilda and Christina all end up drinking together. (It was shot on a green screen.) So it sorta sounds like what I'd reported before might be true, that Betty chooses none of the boys and goes solo to a "far off land." Also, Justin kisses a boy.