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Thursday, March 11, 2010


From "Leaked Call Sheets Spoilers for Episodes 6.08, 6.09 ad 6.10"

Episode 608 - Recon

-POV of Clock on bedside table; it reads 8:42

-Open folder on Sawyer's desk with list of Anthony Cooper's. Sawyer's RIGHT hand closes the folder.

-RESHOOT: OVSH double Charlotte looking through clothes; she moves clothes, uncovers binder, moves binder out of way and picture of young Sawyer falls out.

-Charlotte's POV of news article with young Sawyer's family picture,

-TV for burn in of Little House on the Praire.

The cast list on this call sheet is Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim

Standins/photo doubles:

-Little girl Ji Yeon

-Jin Photo Double

-Alpert, Man In Black, Sawyer, Doctor


-Charlotte photo dbl

-Little girl/Ji Yeon (not sure why she's there twice, possibly for different ages)

Episode 609 - AB Aererno

The call sheet is for February 10th.

The director is Jean Higgins

-Alpert rips medicine out of doctors hands

-Bible open to Luke 4 passage

-we're going to see a nail scratching day marks into wood, there's going to be 6 scratch marks, so I'm assuming it's 6 days.

-Necklace in Alpert's hands

-White stone in Man in Black's hands

-Alpert rides to Cottage

-Alpert rides to Doctor's house.

Episode 610 - The Package

-Rolex box in Jin's hands

-Shot of Zoe's taser on Jin's back (so it seems like Jin is going to get tased by one of Widmores scientists)

-Jin looking thru Sun's Camera looking at pictures of Sun and Little Ji Yeon and Sun

-Sayid's POV of boxcutter on shelf.