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Monday, April 25, 2011

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Season Finale Scoop!

William Keck over at TVGuide.com was able to get a few more details about the season finale of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER during which a wedding will happen. Here are the new details he gave us today:

- We will learn a lot about the wedding in the season finale, but not everything.

- The finale will be titled "Challenge Accepted," which is Barney's catchphrase.

- During the finale, we will learn who the bride or groom is but not the other. The other individual's identity will be revealed next season.

- The series will keep touching back on the wedding to fill out the details more and more as it continues at least through 2013.

- Since Ted is the best man, we can assume that at least one or two of the following is intended bride and/or groom: Barney, Robin or Ted's childhood friend, Punchy.

- The wedding will not go great. It may be the end of somebody's love story and will be the beginning of Ted's.

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