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Monday, October 11, 2010


- Keck's Exclusives: First Look at Glee's Rocky Horror Episode


- 90210's Trevor Donovan: Teddy's Internal Struggles Will Fuel More External Outbursts

The Office

- 'The Office': Details on Dunder Mifflin's 'Glee' viewing party


- ‘Chuck’ First Look: I spy James Bond!

- 'Chuck': Meet Mekenna Melvin, aka Casey's daughter

- ‘Chuck’ Star: Birth Of Awesome Baby Depends On Show’s Future

Desperate Housewives

- 'Desperate Housewives' Josh Moore: Lynette's losing her mama's boy


- Enrico Colantoni to Guest on BONES


- Watercooler: Exclusive First Look at Smallville's 200th Episode

- Keck's Exclusives: Smallville's Lois Becomes Isis!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gossip Girl

Thanks to The CW, I was able to watch the first two episodes of the upcoming season of Gossip Girl. Both episodes are action packed and quite entertaining. There is not a dull moment. The season premiere airs on September 13. Here are some spoilers for these first two episodes.

SEASON PREMIERE, "Belles de Jour"

- As spoiled over the summer, Serena and Blair are in France. They shot on location so expect a lot of scenery shots.

- Blair and Serena are ready to stop competing against one another. Of course, this pact doesn't last long. Two events will lead to Blair pushing Serena in a fountain as you probably saw over the summer when pictures of the scene leaked on the web.

- Georgina and the baby have been living with Dan. The latter has not informed his family of the news... Georgina is the one who finally breaks the news to Lily and Rufus. Wait to see how she does it! Dan doesn't know if he is the father but he is acting like he is. Expect for a few twists and turns in the first two episodes.

- Nate has been dating different girls all summer using Chuck's little black book. In the premiere, he meets Juliet, a young woman he meets in a restaurant. More about her in the spoilers for the second episode.

- Chuck is not the focus of this episode but we will see what happened to him. However, we discover that Lily has hired a PI to locate him.

Some fun lines said in this episode:

“My fairy godmother is my credit card.” – Blair
“Her hair lies.” - Vanessa about Georgina
“I know I have a flair for the dramatic.” -  Georgina

SECOND EPISODE "Double Identity"

- This episode is mostly focused on Chuck (along with Dan's baby problems). He and his new girl have arrived in France. He has a new life, a new name, and a new wardrobe. Serena will try to talk to him and get him to come back to NYC. There will be a fantastic Chuck and Blair scene near the end of the episode. There are a few pics of that scene on the web if you look for them.

- Serena must choose between Dan and Nate but will she be able to choose before they make their own relationship choices?

- Juliet will help Nate try to get Dan and Vanessa to hook up so that Serena can't choose him as he'll be taken. Meaning she will have to choose Nate. Who is that Juliet and why is she so quick in helping a stranger (Nate) get the woman he may love? I won't spoil the reveal but let's say it will bring a LOT of drama and not just for Nate!

- Dan, Rufus, Lily, and co, are trying to deal with the baby situation and Georgina. More twists and turns.

Don't miss Gossip Girl on Mondays on The CW.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Office

- Steve Carell's Replacement on The Office to Be...Harvey Keitel?!

- Will There Be An Office Movie?

The Big Bang Theory

- ‘Big Bang Theory’ exclusive: Evil Wil Wheaton poised to return

- ‘Big Bang Theory’ Geeks Out With ‘Trek’/'Battlestar’ One-Two Punch!


- '90210' first look: The Kardashians giving Naomi fashion advice?

- '90210': 'Undercovers' Mekia Cox returns to shake up Dixon's world


- 'Chuck' pics: First look at Linda Hamilton, plus more Olivia Munn

- CHUCK Season 4 Premiere Pics


- 'Supernatural' premiere sneak peek: Winchester family reunion

- SUPERNATURAL Season 6 Premiere Pics

- 'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki say Season 6 is bigger and more naked


- 'House' season premiere pics: Huddy gets cuddly


- FRINGE Season 3 Poster Revealed

- Exclusive: First Look at Fringe's Season Opener!

- First Look: Andre Royo with Anna Torv on ‘Fringe’

- 'Fringe' Season 3 pics: Going underground and 'over there'

- FRINGE Season 3 Pictures and Promo Shots

- FRINGE Exclusive First Look: Season 3 Premiere Finds Olivia in Trouble


- SMALLVILLE Season 10 Premiere Pictures

- 'Smallville's' Final Season: Ghosts surround Clark as Lois keeps her distance


- Emmy Video: ‘Castle’ star Nathan Fillion confirms timing of Castle-Beckett hookup!

- Nathan Fillion's Love Letter to (Almost) All of Hollywood: Come to Castle!

- CASTLE Season 3 Premiere: You Ask, I Answer


- GLEE Season 2 Promo: New Directions is in an ‘Empire State of Mind’

- 'Glee' Season 2 hookups promo: Tina and Mike?!

- 'Glee' season premiere pics: Old flames and new coaches

- GLEE Season 2 Premiere Pictures

- Keck's Exclusives: John Stamos' Smile Lights Up Glee — First Look Photo

Grey's Anatomy

- Grey's Anatomy: Will Meredith and Derek Be a Happy Couple This Season?

Desperate Housewives

- Keck's Exclusives: Which Desperate Housewife Had A Nose Job?

- 'Desperate Housewives': On-set with Vanessa Williams and Brian Austin Green


- BONES Season 6 Pictures: Scenes From the Season Premiere and Promo Shots

- BONES Season 6 Promo: What Reunites the Team?

- 'Bones' Season 6 pics: The band gets back together

- BONES Exclusive First Look: The Neck with the Necklace Featurette

- BONES Season 6 Premiere: You Ask, I Answer

- 'Bones': What to expect from the Season 6 premiere

Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, House, The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Smallville, Glee, 90210, Mad Men

- Spoiler Chat: Major Scoop on Chuck and Blair! Plus, True Blood, Desperate Housewives and More

- Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on ‘House,’ ‘Grey’s,’ ‘Bones,’ ‘Chuck,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ and more!

- Mega Buzz: Another Glee Triangle, the Grey's Wedding and Gossip Girl in Paris

- The Big Tease: Scoop On SVU, Glee, Nikita, Caprica & More!

- Spoiler Chat: Brothers & Sisters, Glee, Grey's Anatomy and More!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


- ‘NCIS’ Scoop: Pauley Perrette confirms ‘big Abby story coming’

Grey's Anatomy

- Keck's Exclusives: Six Feet Under Mama on Grey's Anatomy


- Exclusive First Look: ‘Smallville’ crucifies Lois Lane

How I Met Your Mother

- Cobie Smulders on the big ‘How I Met Your Mother’ wedding twist: ‘I was [spoiler]‘

- ‘HIMYM’ Exclusive: Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger claws her way into Robin Sparkles’ orbit

The Big Bang Theory

- ‘Big Bang Theory’ spoiler alert: What’s the story behind this picture?

Gossip Girl

- 'Gossip Girl' Season 4 pics: Sacre Blair! -- plus Katie Cassidy


- '90210' new promo, photos and spoilers: 'Senioritis' never looked so good

- Emmys: '90210's' Gillian Zinser and Jessica Lowndes rock Ivy and Ade's style


- ‘Glee’ Scoop: Jayma Mays, Mike O’Malley talk ‘Wemma,’ Kurt/Finn, and The Boss

- Emmys: 'Glee's' Mike O'Malley on his character and getting dressed up

Desperate Housewives

- 'Desperate Housewives' first look: Vanessa Williams takes the reins

- Keck's Exclusives: True Blood's Gran is Mom to Desperate Housewives' Tom


- 'Chuck' Season 4 pics: Olivia Munn joins the Nerd Herd

- 'Chuck': Timothy Dalton has a license to guest-star

- ‘Chuck’ Guest Star-Palooza Includes Timothy Dalton, Eric Roberts

- ‘Chuck’ scoop: Is James Bond Chuck’s [spoiler]?


- BONES: Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan on Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz Directing

- Exclusive First Look: The ‘Bones’ season 6 poster!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


- BONES Season 6 Promo: Kissing, Love and Reunions

- ‘Bones’ Exclusive First Look: Brennan comes face-to-face with Booth’s new girlfriend!

- 'Bones': First Season 6 promo has bangs, kissing and the new girl


- Warning: This 90210 Exclusive May Be Contagious

- 90210's Matt Lanter Reveals Who Will Give Liam a Run For Annie's Love

The Office

- Who Needs a Newbie?! Steve Carell's Office Job May Go To...


- Glee Scoop: Britney "Lockdown," a Romance Update and...John Stamos Is Getting His Own Show!

- Another 'Glee' appearance for Britney Spears?

- 'Glee': Kurt's new boyfriend already cast says Jane Lynch

- 'Glee': Billy Joel episode may be in the works


- Exclusive First Look: The ‘House’ season 7 poster!


- ‘Chuck’ Exclusive: Meet Casey’s A-Team!

Grey's Anatomy

- ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exclusive: Closure is coming for Alex/Izzie fans

- How Many New Docs Will Scrub Into Grey's? Zero, Says Rhimes

- Keck's Exclusives: One of These Grey's Couples Will Tie the Knot

The Big Bang Theory

- EXCLUSIVE: Katee Sackhoff Returning to 'Big Bang Theory'!

- 'The Big Bang Theory' premiere: One giant leap for Sheldonkind


- Keck's Exclusives: Smallville Suits Up Supergirl!

Desperate Housewives

- Keck's Exclusives: Vanessa Williams' Desperate Husband Cast

- 'Desperate Housewives': 'LUX's' Reggie Austin to spar with Vanessa Williams

Mad Men, Glee, Castle, Gossip Girl, Psych, 90210, Supernatural, NCIS, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Smallville

- Spoiler Chat: Glee, Castle, True Blood, Gossip Girl, Dexter and More!

- Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on ‘Glee,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Castle,’ ‘Burn Notice,’ ‘HIMYM,’ and more!

- Mega Buzz: Another Grey's Wedding, a New Vampire and CSI's Bloody Aftermath

- The Big Tease: Scoop On Hawaii Five-O, Bones, Supernatural and More!

How I Met Your Mother

- 'How I Met Your Mother' premiere: A long night at MacLaren's

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


- '90210′ Spoiler Alert: And the hunk coming out is…

- ‘90210′ Gay Character Revealed (Spoiler)

- '90210's' Trevor Donovan says the gay storyline 'will be organic'

- '90210' welcomes 'Entourage's' Adrian Grenier and The Honey Brothers

Gossip Girl

- Scoop: ‘Gossip Girl’ pulls trigger on Tim Gunn cameo

- Tim Gunn to Guest-Star on Gossip Girl

- 'Gossip Girl': What is Chuck wearing? Tim Gunn may be his only hope


- Glee Goes After George Michael and Prince

- 'Glee': Cast reclaims the slushie in Season 2 campaign

- 'Glee': Britney Spears Gleeks out, tweets from set

How I Met Your Mother

- ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Scoop: New deets on the mother of all twists!


- NCIS Exclusive: Your First Look at Season 8

Desperate Housewives

- Lainie Kazan to Guest-Star on Desperate Housewives

Grey's Anatomy

- Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo: Meredith Becomes the Caretaker in Season 7


- HOUSE’s Huddy Lose Their Clothes in New Promo

- Scoop! ‘Camp Rock’ Star Rocks The ‘House’

The Big Bang Theory

- THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Simon Helberg Talks Season 4


- Bones Exclusive: David Alan Grier to Woo Brennan?

- Emily Deschanel Reveals: ‘Bones’ Left Booth For Nothing!

Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, 90210, House, Fringe, Bones, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Smallville

Spoilers for shows mentioned in the title of this post and more!

- Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl, True Blood, Chuck and More!

- Mega Buzz: Bones' TV Gig, The Good Wife's Triangle and Criminal Minds' Hostages

- The Big Tease: Scoop On House, Bones, Desperate Housewives and More!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


- SMALLVILLE’s Erica Durance on Knowing Clark’s Secret


- ‘Castle’ Exclusive: Victor Webster cast as Beckett’s ‘mysterious’ new boyfriend

- Castle Taps Charmed Star to Play Beckett's Boyfriend


- Will film role evict Jesse Spencer from ‘House’?


- Keck's Exclusives: Antonio Sabato, Jr. To Bring Some Jersey to Bones

Grey's Anatomy

- Keck's Exclusive: Grey's Anatomy Brings Back Mandy Moore's Character


- ‘Glee’ Star Hopes To Bring Special ‘Touch’ To ‘Rocky Horror’ Episode

- 'Glee': Did Lea Michele just tip the Super Bowl episode?


- '90210' spoiler: Season 3's gay hottie revealed

Friday, August 13, 2010


Those of you on Twitter may want to follow "Castle_ABC" (maintained by one of the crew) as sometimes we get little spoilers like the one below:

"Today we shoot one of the most gruesome murder scenes I’ve seen! Can’t tell you what happens but it involves a harness and a lot of blood!"

The Office

- 'Office' gossip: Portia de Rossi! Danny McBride! Rhys Darby!


- ‘Bones’ Buzz: Is Booth Bedding An Embedded War Correspondent?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Glee, The Office, Castle, Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, Chuck, Fringe, Desperate Housewives, 90210, Supernatural

Spoilers for the shows mentioned in the title of this post and more:

- Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's,' 'Chuck,' 'Glee,' '90210,' 'Pretty Little Liars,' and more!


- Exclusive: 'Bones' breaks off talks with The Situation


- ‘House’ Is Still A ‘Bastard,’ Chase Is On The Prowl, Says Series Boss


- FRINGE Producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman Talk Balance in Season 3

The Office

- A veteran for the 'Office'?

Desperate Housewives

- Exclusive First Look: Brian Austin Green heats up 'Desperate Housewives'


- Video: Will ‘Glee’s Mr. Schue Fight For ‘The Love Of His Life’?


- Keck's Exclusives: Secret Life Heartbreaker is Castle Teen's New Beau!

- CASTLE’s Molly Quinn on Getting a TV Boyfriend and Gaining Some Independence

Gossip Girl

- Blake Lively Wants to Leave 'Gossip Girl'?

- Does Blake Lively Want to Die (on Gossip Girl)?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


- BONES Scoop: Creator Hart Hanson on the Upcoming ‘Strange’ Episode, Guest Stars and Season 6

- BONES Adds Lisa LoCicero to JERSEY SHORE-Inspired Episode

- Scoop! ‘Bones’ Riffs On ‘Jersey Shore’ And ‘Real Housewives’


- Britney Spears to appear on 'Glee'

- 'Glee': Newbie Chord Overstreet still not sure if he'll be Kurt's boyfriend

- 'Glee': Justin Bieber welcome to guest star, Britney's cameo was her idea

Grey's Anatomy

- Exclusive: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ prescribes nudity for Jesse Williams

- Save the date: Wedding fever hits ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ on Sept. 23

- ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Teases New Romance, Threat Of ‘Purgatory’

- Next On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Devastated Derek And A Mystery Wedding

- 'Grey's Anatomy' spoilers: Who's getting married?


- Smallville Exclusive: General Lane, Lucy Lane to Return

- 'Smallville': The Lane family returns to Metropolis, but will Lex?

Mad Men

- ‘Mad Men’ Preview: ‘The Rejected’ Goes Up In Smoke


- New CHUCK Promo Gives First Look at Season 4

- Exclusive: ‘Chuck’ promotes Gen. Beckman (a.k.a. Bonita Friedericy)

- Linda Hamilton Debuts As Mama Bartowski on Chuck

- 'Chuck': Linda Hamilton stars in Season 4 promo

The Office

- ‘Office’ Gossip: New Hire Will Eventually Become Boss

Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Smallville

Spoilers for the shows mentioned in the title of this post and more!

- Mega Buzz: Cristina's Grey's Breakdown, Mitchell's Hidden Past, and CSI: NY's New Face

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, Bones, Smallville, 90210, Chuck

- The Big Tease: Scoop On Grey’s, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones and More

The Office

- 'The Office’ Exclusive: Will one of these guys replace Steve Carell?


- New HOUSE Promo Featuring Season 7 Scenes


- CASTLE Producer Laurie Zaks Talks Castle-Beckett and That Pesky MOONLIGHTING Curse


- Britney Spears Will Guest Star on Glee—and Michael Jackson's Music Might Show Up Too!

- Creator: Britney Spears Will Appear on Glee

- 'Glee': Ryan Murphy says Britney Spears is '100 percent' appearing in her episode

- ‘Glee’ Boss Spills Secrets About Britney’s Likely Cameo

Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Chuck, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother

Spoilers for the shows mentioned in the title of this post and more:

- Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, True Blood and More!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


- BONES: Executive Producer Stephen Nathan Talks Season 6, Relationships and Fan Reaction

How I Met Your Mother

- Exclusive: Laura Bell Bundy joins ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as [spoiler alert]!


- Carol Burnett gets 'Glee' cameo

- Will Neil Patrick Harris Return to Glee? He Tells Us


- 'Chuck' Season 4: Who is Greta? Zachary Levi explains

Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, Bones, Psych, Castle, House, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Supernatural, The Office, How I Met Your Mother

- Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on ‘Grey’s,’ ‘House,’ ‘Bones,’ ‘NCIS,’ ‘The Office,’ and more!

Psych, Bones, Castle


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Desperate Housewives

- Exclusive: 'Hung' star Rebecca Creskoff heads to 'Desperate Housewives'


- 'House' boss on Huddy: 'I don't think we have a Sam and Diane problem'

- Exclusive 'House' video: Jesse Spencer on the new GIRLS in Chase's life

- Exclusive 'House' video: Lisa E on the challenges facing Huddy and getting naked in front of Hugh

- House and Cuddy: No Happily Ever After


- Exclusive 'Fringe' video: Scoop on this season's mind-blowing twist!

- Fox to 'Fringe' fans: 'We have no intention of screwing with the show'

- Fringe Explores the Alternate Universe


- Exclusive: 'Chuck' gives green light to Incredible Hulk guest stint!

- 'Chuck' exclusive: Stacy Keibler cast as Greta 3.0

- Lou Ferrigno to Guest Star on 'Chuck'

- Stacy Keibler to Guest Star on 'Chuck'


- SMALLVILLE’s Justin Hartley on Oliver’s Mission to Find Chloe


- BONES: Emily Deschanel Talks Directing, Kicking Butt and Brennan Being Jealous in Season 6

- Exclusive: 'Bones' wooing The Situation for 'Jersey Shore'-inspired episode

- Exclusive 'Bones' video: Booth's new lover stirs jealousy on and OFF camera

- 'Bones': Season 6 gets a 'Jersey Shore' episode, possible Situation cameo

- Bones Eyes The Situation for Jersey Shore-Type Episode

Grey's Anatomy

- ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Arizona and Callie: Baby… Or Baby Not?

- 'Grey's Anatomy': Jesse Williams and Kim Raver on the bloody finale's aftermath


- Exclusive Video: Glee Fans, Get Ready to Squeal!

- Glee: Carol Burnett Deal "Not In Place Yet"...But She Is a Big Ol' Gleek!

- Scoop On ‘Glee’ Season 2

- Carol Burnett Guest Stars on ‘Glee’ as Sue’s Mom

- GLEE: Lea Michele hits the Santa Monica Pier, talks Britney Spears, Charice

- Exclusive 'Glee' video: Cast teases 'heartbreaking' premiere

- 'Glee' exclusive: Carol Burnett is Sue's mom!

- Press Tour 411: Highlights from the 'Glee panel

- 'Glee': Carol Burnett reportedly to play Sue Sylvester's mom

- 'Glee's' Matthew Morrison shaving head for Britney Spears episode: Too much?

- 'Glee': More details on Britney Spears, Susan Boyle and Rocky Horror

- 'Terra Nova,' 'Glee,' 'Human Target': Notes from FOX's press tour

- The Glee Pianist, Revealed… and Other Season 2 Spoilers

- Coming to 'Glee' Season 2: Original Music, a Sue Sylvester Book, a Second Theme Show - TCA Report

- Carol Burnett Joins 'Glee' as Sue Sylvester's Mom

NCIS, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, House, Bones, Castle, Fringe

Spoilers for the shows mentioned in the title of this post and more!

- Mega Buzz: Gibbs' NCIS Dilemma, a Housewife's New Job and Callie's Question on Grey's

House, Bones, Glee

- Keck's Exclusives: Scoop on House, Bones and Glee!

NCIS, Smallville, Glee, Chuck, Gossip Girl

- The Big Tease: Scoop On NCIS, Smallville, Chuck, Glee and More

Mad Men

- Exclusive ‘Mad Men’ Preview: Joan’s ‘Good News’

Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, Bones, 90210, Castle, Psych, The Office

- Spoiler Chat: Grey's Anatomy News That Will Make You Giddy

Monday, August 2, 2010


- Keck's Exclusives: Bones Scoop on New Serial Killer and More!


- SUPERNATURAL Comic Con Panel – Watch Now

- Supernatural Honcho: We're Gonna Get You, Suckers!

Grey's Anatomy

- 'Grey's Anatomy': Jesse Williams says his character is 'again thrown upside down'

- Shonda Rhimes: Grey's Anatomy Docs All Grown Up in New Season

- Grey's Anatomy's Kim Raver Calls Time of Death on Cristina-Owen-Teddy Triangle

- Grey's Anatomy: Will Arizona & Callie's Lovefest Survive the Finale Fallout? Jessica Capshaw Spills

- ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Who Was Hit Hardest By The Tragic Finale?


- SMALLVILLE Comic Con Panel 2010 – Watch Now


- CHUCK Comic Con Panel – Watch Now!

- Exclusive ‘Chuck’ video: Spoilers, silliness, and a surprise birthday serenade!

The Office

- ‘Office’ Boss: Internal Promotion ‘Likely’ Following Carell’s Departure


- Michael Trucco: ‘Castle’ Triangle May Not Be Over Just Yet

- CASTLE Scoop: Stana Katic Spills on How Beckett Will Rebound From Castle


- Exclusive: Is Jennifer Morrison Trekking Back To ‘House’?


- Glee Stars Dish on Britney Spears, Rocky Horror and "Poo Cookies"

- ‘Glee’ Sneak Peek: Four Sassy Sue Sylvesterisms

Gossip Girl

- 'Gossip Girl' to China

- GOSSIP GIRL: What Dan, Serena and All Your Favorite Upper East Siders Will Be Up To in Season 4

- Gossip Girl: Chuck Lives! But Is He A Changed Man?

Thursday, July 29, 2010


- BONES Scoop: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Dish on Booth’s [Spoiler Alert!] and Their Characters’ Time Apart


- Armchair Casting Director: ‘Castle’

- Exclusive ‘Castle’ video: Nathan Fillion previews rough road for Castle and Beckett

Desperate Housewives

- 'Desperate Housewives': Frenemies, Paul Young and clean-shaven Carlos in Season 7


- 'Supernatural' EP Sera Gamble: Lisa will recur, plus Dean's amulet and more

- Exclusive ‘Supernatural’ video: Castiel is back, but for how long?


- 'Psych' preview: UFOs, Freddie Prinze Jr. and lots of love for sci-fi fans

The Big Bang Theory

- The Future of Big Bang, The Good Wife, Charlie Sheen and More...It's CBS' Day to Schmooze the Critics

- 'The Big Bang Theory' and Sheldon's 'Specific and Unique' Relationship - TCA Report

- Press Tour 411: Highlights from the ‘Big Bang Theory’ panel


- Glee Romance Scoop! Who Is Matthew Morrison Kissing Now?

- Glee Casting Scoop: Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris, Javier Bardem...Who's In and Who's Out?!

- 'Glee' Casting Roundup: Returning Guests and Paul McCartney!?


- Exclusive: Jennifer Grey makes a ‘House’ call

- Jennifer Grey to Guest-Star on House


- 'Smallville': First look at final season teases flight and the suit

- SMALLVILLE’s Cassidy Freeman: Tess is Going to Question Her Morals

- Keck's Exclusives: CBS Press Tour Party Scoops (the first para contains spoilers about Oliver on Smallville)

How I Met Your Mother

- HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Will Go Back To Basics in Season 6 with Rachel Bilson, Robin Sparkles…and a Flash Forward?

- ‘How I Met Your Mother’ scoop: Rachel Bilson returns!

- The Mother of All Seasons?

- ‘How I Met Your Mother’ shocker: Season kicks off with ‘game-changing moment’

Fringe, Bones, Smallville, Chuck, Supernatural

Spoilers for the shows mentioned in the title of this posts and more

- The New Vampire Diaries Team, CSI:NY's Cliff-hanger and Fringe's Two Worlds

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Big Bang Theory

- Exclusive ‘Big Bang’ video: Cast dishes on Emmy snub, contract talks, and Charlie Sheen!

Desperate Housewives

- 'Desperate Housewives' end date is 'in negotiation'

Grey's Anatomy, Bones, 90210, Smallville, Greek

Spoilers for the shows mentioned in the post's title and much more!

- The Big Tease: Scoop On ‘Grey’s,’ ‘Bones’ and More


- Say Goodbye to Coach Tanaka, 'Glee' Fans

- Keck's Exclusives: Glee Drops Coach Tanaka!

- ‘Glee’ exclusive: Cheyenne Jackson is the new [spoiler alert]!

- 'Glee': Cheyenne Jackson fills big shoes in Season 2

- Hello, Hotness! Glee Nabs 30 Rocker

The Office

- Steve Carell to Quit 'The Office' in 2011, but the Show Will Go On

- 'The Office': NBC finally acknowledges Steve Carell's exit


- Exclusive ‘Fringe’ video: Cast reflects on Olivia/Peter romance, and the show’s endgame


- Keck's Exclusives: 90210's Prime-Time Shake-Up


- 'Castle': ABC teases Beckett/Castle reunion with new clip


- 'Chuck' stars' Linda Hamilton geek out, more about Baby Awesome

Grey's Anatomy

- Jessica Capshaw Previews ‘Grey’s Return: The Game Has Changed

Monday, July 26, 2010


- Smallville Stars Promise Comic-Con (and Thousands of Fans!) a Fabulous Final Season

- 'Smallville' ponders Kristin Kreuk's possible return for final season

- Exclusive video: ‘Smallville’ execs, Erica Durance drop major S10 intel and weigh in on an 11th

- 9 Super Spoilers From Smallville's Day at Comic-Con


- ‘Castle’ Creator Challenges Neil Patrick Harris To Pay A Visit

- Keck's Exclusives: Death Rocks the Castle Family


- BONES Exclusive: Emily Deschanel Reveals When She’s Making Her Directorial Debut


- Live from Comic-Con: Glee Tackles Britney Spears, a New Love Triangle and...a 3-D Movie?!

- 'Glee': McKinley High recruits new football coach

- 'Glee' adds Chord Overstreet as Finn's protege

- 'Glee': Justin Bieber, Artie and Tina's break-up, and lesbian kisses?

- 'Glee' to feature 'Rocky Horror' episode

- GLEE’s Got a New Girl Coach

- ‘Glee’: Comic-Con panel reveals some spoilers for Season 2

- Exclusive ‘Glee’ video: Hilarity ensues after cast drops major-ish season 2 spoilers!

- Keck's Exclusives: Glee Adds Female Coach

- A Rocky Horror Episode, and 9 Other Glee Spoilers

- Chord Overstreet Joins Glee

- Britney, Madonna and 'Rocky Horror'? Comic-Con 'Glee' Panel Highlights


- Back in Black: Supernatural Season Six Scoop From Comic-Con

- 'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talk Season 6, plus what they hate about each others' characters

- 'Supernatural': Season 6 takes on 'pasty, waify' 'Twilight' and 'Vampire Diaries' vamps

- 'Supernatural' at Comic-Con: Press Roundtables with Cast and Producers (VIDEO)

- 'Supernatural' at Comic-Con: Monsters, Anime and Shooting Stuff in the Face


- Fringe: 8 Steps to Navigating the Alternative Universe

Sunday, July 25, 2010


- 'Bones': Hart Hanson spills his hopes for Booth and Brennan at Comic-Con

- 'Bones': Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz talk not hooking up, David's nude comic cameo


- Fringe Brings the Funny (and a Few Awwws) to Comic-Con

The Big Bang Theory

- Comic-Con Video: Big Bang Stars Dish on Romance and Jim Parsons' Massive Ego


- Linda Hamilton Joins ‘Chuck’ In One Mother Of A Role

- Chuck Gets a Famous New Mama, While Jeffster Goes Gaga for Comic-Con

- 'Chuck' producers talk Olivia Munn, Buy More and Old Spice Guy

- 'Chuck' at Comic-Con: Throws quite a party, drops some intel, then peeves off fans

- 'Chuck': Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin talk girly drinks and Baby Awesome

- CHUCK: Producers Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak Talk Linda Hamilton as Mom, Morgan-In-Training and the New Buy More

- CHUCK Spoilers: [SPOILER ALERT] to Play Chuck’s Mom

- Linda Hamilton to Play Chuck's Mom — and Guess Who's Pregnant?

- 'Chuck' at Comic Con: Linda Hamilton is Chuck's Mom [Now with Video!]

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mad Men

- 'Mad Men': John Slattery and company wipe the slate clean for Season 4


- Keck's Exclusives: Castle's New Menace


- Diana Ross' Son Joins the Cast of 90210

Chuck, Smallville, Gossip Girl, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Castle, Desperate Housewives, House, 90210, Bones

- Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Chuck,' 'Smallville,' 'Castle,' 'NCIS,' '90210,' and more!

Desperate Housewives

- 'Desperate Housewives' exclusive: 'Trees' charmer to play Paul's bride!

- Keck's Exclusives: Desperate Housewives Casts Paul Young's New Wife

How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory

- 'The Big Bang Theory,' 'Hawaii Five-0' and more CBS fall premieres


- 'Chuck' exclusive: Nicole Richie returns to kick some [naughty word]!

- Troubled water for CBS's 'The Bridge,' Nicole Richie stages 'Chuck' return

- ‘Chuck’ Welcomes Olivia Munn, Brings Back Nicole Richie

- Nicole Richie and "Stone Cold" Steven Austin are Back for More on 'Chuck'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


- ‘Glee’ Season Two: Less Music, More Chenoweth

- Keck's Exclusives: New Roles on Glee, CSI, Life Unexpected, Torchwood

Mad Men

- 'Mad Men' creator finds fan in President Obama, hints about season 4


- PSYCH Stars James Roday and Dule Hill Talk Season 5

- PSYCH’s Maggie Lawson: Juliet is Going Through a Dark Time

- PSYCH’s Kirsten Nelson on Being a Mother Hen, Her Dream Guest Stars

- PSYCH’s Timothy Omundson: ‘Lassiter needs a lady!’

- The Return Of ‘Psych’: Ready Your Dancing Shoes?

- James Roday Talks 'Psych' Season Five, the Evolution of Gus and the Yin Yang Killer


- 'House' scoop: Amber Tamblyn scrubs in!


- Exclusive: 'Chuck' enlists Dolph Lundgren

- 'Chuck': Dolph Lundgren comes in peace ... or maybe not

Gossip Girl

- Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: Filming in Paris videos!

- Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: Paris Filming Pics!

- Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers: More Paris Filming Pictures!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Glee, Bones, Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Gossip Girl

Spoilers for Glee, Bones, Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Gossip Girl and more shows!

- Mega Buzz: A New CSI, a Glee Boyfriend and a Bones Controversy

Mad Men

- Exclusive: Mad Men Cast and Creator Tease Season 4


- Go Back to the '80s When Psych Returns Wednesday

- 'Psych' returns with tons of guests, including 'Lost' star Nestor Carbonell


- Exclusive: Glee's Brittany Sings Britney Spears in Season Two

- Glee Boss Ryan Murphy: Don't Expect Rachel and Finn To "Push It" Any Time Soon

- Kristin Chenoweth Returning for GLEE Season 2

- GLEE Exclusive: Mike O’Malley Made Series Regular for Season 2, Plus More Show Intel…

- 'Glee': Rachel and Finn stay together, plus Kristin Chenoweth, Jonathan Groff, and more

- 'Glee': Kurt's dad, Mike O'Malley, promoted to series regular

- Glee Scooparama: Team Finchel Is in It to Win It! So What About Team Quick?

- 'Glee': Ryan Murphy teases 'big artist' for Super Bowl episode

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Gossip Girl, The Office, Mad Men, 90210, Psych

Spoilers for Gossip Girl, The Office, Mad Men, 90210, Psych, and more...

- Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl Goes to Paris—Who's Chuck Kissing Now and Where's Blair?!

Bones, Psych, The Big Bang Theory, Smallville

Spoilers for Bones, Psych, The Big Bang Theory, Smallville and more

- The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Bones,’ ‘Psych,’ ‘Glee’ and More!

House, Glee, Bones, Fringe

- Fox announces fall 2010 schedule


- Keck's Exclusives: Bones to Kill One of Its Own


- Smallville exclusive: Laura Vandervoort (aka Supergirl) returns!

- Supergirl Laura Vandervoort Returns to Smallville


- Exclusive: Which '90210' hottie is gay?

Grey's Anatomy

- Exclusive: And the title of the 'Grey's Anatomy' season 7 premiere is...