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Network: CBS
Airtime: Tuesdays 8/7c
Current Season: Season 14 (24 episodes)
Official website

Episode 14.07 - Home of the Brave
Air Date: November 15, 2016

  • 10/25/2016 - Torres boldly breaks protocol when he learns a witness in an NCIS case is wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Also, Abby, Bishop and McGee woo landlord Tony DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner) in the hope of subletting Tony's apartment. Guest cast: Robert Wagner (Anthony DiNozzo Sr.), Johnny Rey Diaz (Victor Medina), Joseph C. Phillips (Phillip Conway), Peter Macon (Ice Officer Todd Baldwin), Adam Busch (Arthur Jankowski), Sonya Balmores (Metro P.D. Officer Sandra Cornell), Julie Carmen (Isabel Medina), T. Lynn Eanes (Laura Roberts), Coy Stewart (Brandon Conway), Tom Costello (Nathan Roberts), Margo Harshman (Delilah Fielding). Source: The Futon Critic

Episode 14.08 - Pay to Play
Air Date: November 22, 2016

  • 10/25/2016 - The NCIS team investigates a series of escalating threats against congresswoman Jenna Flemming (Mary Stuart Masterson), while Director Vance oversees temporary protection detail. Guest cast: Mary Stuart Masterson (Congresswoman Jenna Fleming). Laurie Perkins (Ciera Payton), Tommy Savas (Max Sanders), Angelo Tiffe (Jed Hamilton), Jeff Griggs (Peter Alden), June Schreiner (Amy Barrett), Michael Canavan (Retired Navy Admiral Thomas Garscott), Mary Anne McGarry (Fern Robbins), Katherine Disque (Mary Barrett), Tom Costello (Nathan Roberts), David Lengel (Carlton Laymer), Brad Grunberg (Big Ed). Source: CBS

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