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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grey's Anatomy

Excerpt from "Grey's Anatomy Couples Shockers!"

One of the six lovely ladies pictured above will hear a completely unexpected love profession that includes the suggestion of, yes, marriage. It's pretty stunning—for us and for her.

Another woman pictured above will be propositioned for a threesome. (And you will laugh.)

Another couple will break up.

Another duo will move apart when a secret is outed.

And yet another pair will get thisclose to breaking up because of a misunderstanding, but come out the other side.

Grey's Anatomy

Excerpt from "Spoiler Chat: Will Anyone Survive May Sweeps?"

Tessa in New Orleans: No one is going to die on Grey's Anatomy, right?

No deaths among the cast that I know of, but there is a death very soon that will affect Cristina and bring back some painful memories. It's a fantastic episode for Sandra Oh actually. Her character definitely has some strong material in the coming weeks that could win her that overdue Emmy.

Drew: Thanks for all the juicy Grey's couples scoop! Who is it that drops the M (marriage) bomb?

The marriage-related word that is dropped is actually an H-bomb: "Husband." And that's all I can say!

Pete in Ipswich, Mass.: Did Kevin McKidd say anything about the season finale?

I asked KMK if it's true that what happens is "unlike anything Seattle Grace has seen before" (per ABC), and he said, "Whatever it is that happens, Owen has a take on it that is interesting, connected and linked to his past life. In the finale, he's busy for a lot of it, but it comes up to speed quickly, and he makes some more snap decisions than other people are able to." Clearly, whatever goes down is big enough that he doesn't want to give much away. Big? On a Grey's finale? I know, bonkers!


Excerpt from "Spoiler Chat: Will Anyone Survive May Sweeps?"

Robyn from Pittsburgh: You're killing us with no Lost scoop this past week. No episode, no scoop. Throw us a small tease or something, anything, please!

[...] This [week's] episode and the episode that follows will most definitely have everyone talking. Next Tuesday, episode 15, is the one with no series regulars that also guest stars Allison Janney, and it has a very cool Aha! moment that will make you realize show runners Damon and Carlton did know where they were going from the very beginning. Can you believe the show is really all about alien polar bear ninjas? I know! Me neither! (Tee hee.)


Excerpt from "Lost Redux: Now That Was Some Serious Heartbreak"

Next Week Is Unlike Anything You've Seen on Lost Before. Swear. And though we've all been told that none of the series regulars appear, that is actually not true. Spoiler Alert: You will see three of the main leads in a very surprising throwback moment that lets you know that the producers totally knew what they were doing as of season one. (Boo-ya!) Allison Janney guest stars, along with two other actors you know, and a few others you don't. You'll learn much much more about the history of the Island and the evil, and light, within. Pay close attention to every line Allison's character says and every line (or lack thereof) on her face. Oh, and DVR it. 'Cause you'll need to watch it twice.


Excerpt from "Ask Ausiello: Spoilers of 'Grey's,' 'Smallville,' 'True Blood,' 'Gossip Girl,' and more!"

Question: Okay, I’ll bite: What is the story behind the two Lois/Clark pictures (No. 1, No. 2) from the season finale of Smallville? —Robert

Ausiello: I only promised you a hint — and here it is: The second image is a little deceiving in that the smooch actually takes place in the dark.
Question: Any good news for Clark/Lois fans on Smallville? —David

Ausiello: Not in this Friday’s episode, since, well, they kind of hit a major rough patch — an inevitable consequence of “the boiler pressure that both of them are under,” says exec producer Kelly Souders. “Lois is struggling — unbeknownst to her — between Clark and The Blur. And [we]… see what the lie that Clark’s had to protect has done to Lois.”

Question: Any Smallville season finale spoilers that don’t involve the Grim Reaper? Plot details, perhaps? —Graham

Ausiello: EP Brian Peterson hints that the blue Kryptonite dagger “comes into play heavily in the last few seconds” of the finale.

Grey’s Anatomy

Excerpt from "Ask Ausiello: Spoilers of 'Grey's,' 'Smallville,' 'True Blood,' 'Gossip Girl,' and more!"

Question: All this vague “a crisis like no other” talk about the Grey’s Anatomy finale is killing me. And you don’t wanna be responsible for my death. Seattle Grace scoop, STAT. —Andy

Ausiello: Would it qualify as putting you on life support if I got series creator Shonda Rhimes to tell you a bit about the two-hour season-ender? Let’s find out. “The theme of the first hour is sanctuary, which sort of uses the idea that the hospital is our characters’ safest place and our safest place as viewers,” she says. “[Then we use] the hour to slowly turn that on its head [so] that by the end, the hospital is definitely kind of the least safe place in the world.” Yikes! “The second hour,” she continues, “is about choices, and we get to watch our characters make big ones. Lexie chooses between Mark and Alex. Owen chooses between Teddy and Cristina. Bailey faces the hardest medical choice that a doctor has to make. And the other choice that’s being made is Callie and Arizona, and whether or not they’re going to be together or not. It IS going to come down to the baby thing.” You still with us, Andy? Hello? Bueller? Someone call 911!

Question: Please tell me we will actually get to see a Meredith story line on Grey’s Anatomy by the end of the season. —Lulu

Ausiello: Meredith is going to have a lot going on in the finale. Trust me.

Desperate Housewives

From "Exclusive: A 'Desperate Housewives' baddie returns!"

Desperate Housewives is adding a new villain to Wisteria Lane. The twist? It’s an old villain!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Mark Moses is slated to reprise his role as Mary Alice’s creepy widower, Paul, on a full-time basis next season.

The character was last seen in season 3 when Mike paid him a visit in jail, where he’s serving time for murdering poor Martha Huber. After leaving Housewives, Moses joined the cast of Mad Men as Herman “Duck” Phillips.

Earlier this year, Housewives creator Marc Cherry hinted to me that he was thinking of bringing on a new vixen to succeed Nicollette Sheridan. “We hope to add a troublemaker,” he clarified, “but I’m not so sure it’ll be a woman.” Sneaky!


From "Smallville Season Finale Scoop"

After nine seasons, Clark Kent has yet to get his wings, but Smallville exec producer Brian Peterson promises something that should hold fans over. “Clark literally sees his destiny” in the finale, he says, adding that the hour will be “the culmination of everything that has happened with Zod and the Kandorians since they came to Earth.” That means return cameos by various members of the Justice League and Justice Society, one confirmed casualty and “four very big cliff-hangers,” including a moment of reckoning for the future Man of Steel. “Clark has one heroic decision to make, which takes us into next season.” Peterson hints that a clue to Season 10’s baddie will be buried somewhere in the finale. “Look very closely and you will see it. I think the comic fans will be able to spot it.”

The season finale of Smallville airs Friday, May 14, 8/7c, The CW.

Grey's Anatomy

Excerpt from "Grey's Anatomy: Will Meredith Go All Dark and Twisty Again?"

"I am not trying to shake up whether or not Meredith is happy," Rhimes says. That's not to say Mer won't go through some drama in the finale, which Rhimes describes as "very different" from the five previous season-enders. The first hour alone will apparently leave your jaw on the floor.

"What's really beautiful to me about the finale is that Meredith Grey is a grown-up," continues Rhimes. "It was a journey that I wasn't even sure she was going to be able to make successfully. As a character, she's really grown into being a very changed woman, which I think is fantastic."

As for whether a McBaby is in the future, Rhimes coyly replies: "I don't know. Anything is possible."


Excerpt from "Mega Buzz: Love Affairs on Grey's and CSI and the 24 Movie"

What have you heard about the 24 movie? — Cary

MICKEY: There's a script, but the studio hasn't read or approved it, so any intel must be taken with a grain of salt. As of now, the movie finds Jack all over Eastern Europe, but particularly in Prague. Of all the cast members past and present, only Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is being considered to appear alongside Jack. Further, I'm hearing that no effort will be made for the film to be canonical — that is, it won't necessarily be a "sequel" to the TV series. (Double-secret scoop: I hear it might feature a mole.)