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Thursday, March 24, 2011

D.B. Sweeney to Guest Star on CASTLE

It's time for more intel about the upcoming Hollywood-set episode. Not only we will meet the actors who'll play Ryan and Esposito in the "Heat Wave" movie but we will also meet Detective Kyle Seeger, who'll be played by D.B. Sweeney, as first reported by TV Guide.

Becket and Castle will head to L.A. and Hollywood after Beckett's former partner is killed. Det. Seeger, an L.A. cop with Robbery Homicide, will question Beckett and Castle about their rogue investigation.

OFF THE MAP's Jason George and PRISON BREAK's Dominic Purcell will also guest star in that episode. 

BONES - The Mythbuster Episode!

73-year-old Jo Anne Worley will guest star in the April 14 episode as a pet psychic. The episode will also feature the "mythical Latin American goat-sucking chupacabra," as William Keck puts it in his casting scoop.What? A mythical creature on BONES? Well, considering that the dead of the week will be a mysthbuster television host, potentially having a mythical creature appear on the show makes sense, no?

Michael Trucco Joins HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Michael Trucco will guest star in the April 18 episode as Robin's never seen crush from years earlier. TV Guide's William Keck reports that Trucco will be featured heavily next season as he apparently figures prominently into Robin's future. 

Nazanin Boniadi will reprise her role of Nora in the May 16 season finale and should return next season.

CASTLE - Meet the new Heat Wave Movie Actors

Castle and Beckett will head to Hollywood to solve a case in an episode to air this May.A trip to Hollywood means an update on the status of the HEAT WAVE movie. Sadly, Laura Prepon will not guest star as Natalie Rhodes, the actress set to portray Nikki Heat in the movie. However, we will be introduced to the actors who'll play Esposito and Ryan in the movie!

William Keck reports that Ryan Deal will play a character named Raley who was cast to portray Det. Ryan in the movie. The movie version of Esposito will be played by actor Justice Gamble. The latter guest starred on CASTLE as a bartender in the episode titled "A Deadly Affair."

Scott Grimes to Guest Star on NCIS

Entertainment Weekly announced that ER's Scott Grimes will guest star on NCIS as Detective Danny Price, an ex-partner of Tony. The duo worked together 10 years ago while serving as cops in Baltimore. Grimes will appear in the May 3 episode which will focus on Tony's past.

Monday, March 21, 2011

CASTLE Goes to Hollywood

TVLine.com reports that an episode set to air this spring will see Becket and Castle go back to L.A. to solve a cast. PRISON BREAK's Dominic Purcell will guest star as a Hollywood business man who may have a connection to the killing.

This special episode will introduce us to the actors playing the big screen Ryan and Esposito in the "Nikki Heat" movie. Sadly, Laura Prepon will not guest star as actress Natalie Rhode, who was cast to portray Beckett in the movie, as Prepon is busy shooting a TV pilot.

MODERN FAMILY Season Finale Scoop!

Julie Bowen told TVGuide.com that she and Ty Burrell will do some stunts in the season finale as Claire and Phil will not be able to get to Alex's graduation and end up doing a sort of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" rigmarole to get there.

Benjamin Bratt Joining PRIVATE PRACTICE as Series Regular.

TVLine.com reports that Benjamin Bratt will join PRIVATE PRACTICE as a series regular. His character will be introduced this spring at about the same time the character of Naomi will leave the practice.

No details have leaked yet about Bratt's role. Keeping checking SpoilerFix.com for updates.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

TVLine.com's May Sweeps Scorecard

Michael Ausiello, now with TVLine.com, offers us once again this year his "May Sweeps Scorecard." This score cards lists some of the major events that will happen during primetime this coming May. He updates it almost daily during May sweeps so we can track the progression of the major events.

Here are a few of my predictions based on his scorecard:

- Number of weddings - At least 7. I expect that Callie & Arizona from GREY'S ANATOMY could be one of those couples. Maybe even Chuck and Sarah on CHUCK.

- Number of shocking pregnancies - At least 3. Ausiello himself confirmed that one of the 90210 ladies would discover she is pregnant.

- Number of babies born - At least 3. Callie from GREY'S ANATOMY could be one of the ladies going into labor. I wouldn't be surprised if Angela from BONES is one of the others.

If you have predictions based on Ausiello's scorecard, don't be shy, and post away!


Teddy's love life is about to get more complicated according to TVLine.com! Dr. Andrew Perkins (played by James Tupper) is coming back to town and he and Teddy will resume their love affair where they left off. This will lead to him making her a proposal. It's unclear at this time if it's a marriage proposal but it's definitely a proposal related to their relationship.

Since Scott Foley, who plays Henry, was cast in a lead role in a pilot, and because it's always a possibility that GREY'S decide to make Tupper's role a major recurring one or even a series regular one, my guess is that Teddy will accept whatever proposal Perkins will have and will ditch Henry. Then again, since Henry is really ill, another possibility would be that he will die before the season ends.

More Baby Drama Coming for Angela and Hodgins on BONES

In the latest episode of BONES, Angela and Hodgins learned that they are carriers of the recessive gene for Lever's Congenital Amaurosis, meaning that their baby has a 25% change of blindness. No matter, the couple decided to go through with the pregnancy and deal with what would happen if it happened.

Sadly, Entertainment Weekly reports that the lovely couple will have to face yet another pregnancy scare near the end of the season. Details about their next scare have yet to be leaked on the web.

All I can say about this spoiler is:   :'(               You?

Monday, March 14, 2011


Good day,

I have received a few emails asking where the section with recommendations of shows to what each night had gone since I had the SpoilerFix.com's URL point to the blog instead of the normal webpage we had.

What you are looking for is TVIsMyPacifier.com. This is not a SpoilerFix.com site, so I do not maintain it. This great site is maintained by one of SpoilerFix.com's ex staff member, Jenny. So be sure to bookmark it so you can continue to get the great TV recommendations from Jenny and her site staff. I will add a link on the right side of our blog so you also have a link to TVIsMyPacifier there.

Have a great TV night!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sheldon Hanging Out With the Girls on THE BIG BANG THEORY

Seeing Sheldon hang out with the boys on THE BIG BANG THEORY is always fun. But what's funnier is him trying to hang out with the girls! Entertainment Weekly dishes that Sheldon will join Penny, Bernadette, and Amy for girls' night out and go clubbing!

Callie's and Arizona's Parents Coming to GREY'S ANATOMY

 Is a wedding in the works? Or maybe there will be a time jump to Callie giving birth? Or will tragedy strike Callie and/or Arizona?

One of these options or maybe something I didn't think of will surely happen to justify Callie's and Arizona's parents coming to Seattle Grace in an episode that will air in May. TV Guide confirms that Judith Ivey and Denis Arndt have been cast as Barbara and Col. Robbins, Aizona's parents. Hector Elizondo will guest star in the same episode as Callie's father, while Gina Gallego will play his wife.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

BONES' Spoilers About the Sniper

GiveMeMyRemote.com chatted with executive producer Stephen Nathan to get the latest about the sniper storyline. Here are the spoilers from that interview:

- The sniper returns tonight (March 10) after he kills again.

- Before the season is over, the show will address the issue that the team lives with the threat of danger all the time.

- The third sniper episode will be the penultimate episode of the current season, which will air on May 12.

If you want to read the complete interview, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The 2nd Best News About the SMALLVILLE Finale

The 1st best news we got in the past weeks about the SMALLVILLE finale was that Michael Rosenbaum would return as Lex Luthor!

And the 2nd one, which was confirmed on Watch with Kristin, is that Allison Mack will return as Chloe! She wasn't set to appear in more episodes this season but how could the series end with Chloe?!

The series finale is starting to look mighty fine, eh?

90210 Spoiler for Naomi and Max Shippers

Yes, I'll admit it, I watch 90210. It may not be as good as the original series was but The CW's 90210 has improved in the past seasons.

I don't know about you other 90210 fans, but I'm enjoying Naomi's quest to seduce geeky Max. She is out of his league and he is light years away from the guys she usually hooks up with. This unlikely pairing will lead to rather fun scenes where both of their worlds will collide.

Luckily for the Naomi & Max shippers, Michael Ausiello confirms that something will happen in the season finale which will translate in a very good chance that Max will return for season 4! Yay!

Past Guest Stars Return to FRINGE

Andre Royo, who played the cab driver that helped Olivia when she was trapped Over There, will reprise his role in episode 18. Amy Madigan will also guest star in the same episode as Fauxlivia's mother. Meanwhile, Kevin Corrigan will return as Sam Weiss for episodes 20 and 21. Source: TV Line


Michael Ausiello spoils that a series regular will die in the season finale of NO ORDINARY FAMILY. Personally, I don't think one of the family members will die as they are too important and you wouldn't want such a major death so early in a series, but pretty much everyone else could be the one biting the dust.

Who do you think will die?

Louise Lombard Returns To CSI

Louise Lombard will reprise her CSI role of Sofia Curtis during May sweeps. TV Line scoops that since we last saw her, Sofia has been promoted to deputy chief, has gotten her shield, and has a real "take no prisoners" attitude. Things will not be peachy between Sofia and Langston when the two meet as Sofia blames Brass, Langston and Catherine for letting Nate Haskell escape.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow to Guest Star on GLEE a Third Time

Matthew Morrison confirms that Gwyneth Paltrow will reprise her role of Holly Holliday for a third episode this season. Her second appearance will air tomorrow night on FOX.

Source: Fancast

GREEK Ends Tonight!

Over the weekend, I did some cleaning in the few promotional DVDs I have received over the years and found the press package I was sent by ABC Family for this new comedy titled GREEK. I popped in the DVD and went down memory lane in order to prepare for tonight's series finale. Some fun we had watching the lives of the GREEK characters unfold over the past years!

Sadly, the fun ends tonight. But, on the upside, the network warned the GREEK Powers That Be enough in advance for us to have closure in tonight's finale episode ever of the series.

TV Line asked showrunner Sean Smith to dish about tonight's finale and here is a summary of the spoilers he agreed to tell fans:

- His goal was to give fans closure and a conclusion they would appreciate.

- There will be hints in the episode as to what will happen next to the characters. But these hints don't imply that there may be another season. Tonight is THE END.

- The finale will explore the Casey/Cappie relationship.

- The episode will also tackle the potential relationship between Rusty and Ashleigh.

- The couple/non-couple that is Rebecca and Evan will receive a fitting ending. 

- Dale finds a worthy relationship.

- Calvin will finally declare a major.

If you want to read the full interview with Sean Smith: CLICK HERE.

Will the Truth Come Out on BONES?

TV Line's Matt Webb Mitovich mentioned in one of his posts today that Brennan and Booth would "tackle a case that leads them to a support group for people who tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

Could that lead to Booth and Brennan honestly discuss their feelings for one another? Without embellishments and gloves on?

GLEE's Warblers to Release Album

The next album to be released for GLEE will be a Dalton Academy Warblers one. This is not surprising considering that the Warblers' version of "Teenage Dream" climbed up to  No 1 of the Billboard's Hot 100 this fall and the Warblers' performances have been well received by fans.

Source: TV Guide

Elizabeth Mitchell's to guest star on LAW & ORDER: SVU

I don't know about you but one of the actresses I discovered on LOST is Elizabeth Mitchell. This gifted actress is now fighting aliens each week on ABC's V.

The actress will take a break from V to guest star in LAW & ORDER SVU in an episode that will air on March 30. According to William Keck at TV Guide, she will play "June, a piano teacher accused of killing a little girl after raping her with a rolling pin." This storyline sounds sordid and all kind of wrongs. Let's hope that the SVU team catches June!

This will be Mitchell's second appearance on the show as she played the killer of the week in another SVU episode in 2003.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow Returns to Glee This Week - Preview

Gwyneth Paltrow will rock GLEE again this week! This time, she will teach sex ed and hook up with Mr. Shue. See the preview of "Do You Want To Touch Me" below.

True Blood Scoop!

I don't watch TRUE BLOOD (I can't watch every show on TV no matter how good they are!) but I know a good number of you do. TVLine just posted seven spoilers that should interest you. CLICK HERE to access them!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

90210's Adrianna's Revenge

If you've been watching 90210 all season like I have, I'm sure that Adrianna is now on your list of least favorite characters. Fame got to her head and she has become a brat and now extremely mean. Her texting to the entire school the picture she took of Silver in the locker room was oh so not right. Didn't you want to slap some sense into Adrianna after seeing what she did to get revenge?

Well, if that last season of the latest episode was a shocker, wait till you read about what Adrianna has planned next! According to Zap2It.com, Adrianna will mess with Silvers's bipolar medication! Silver will think that her illness is getting worse as her meds do not work as they had been thus far.

An upcoming episode (maybe the last season of the season finale?!?) will see Adrianna standing at the edge of a cliff. Is she thinking about suicide?

CHUCK's Murder Mystery

Entertainment Weekly reports that the March 21 episode will be a murder mystery when "something terrible happens to someone down in Castle and Chuck and Co. are given the Sherlockian job of figure out of the murdered is."

NCIS - How the 8th season will end

TVLine.com reports that the current season of NCIS will end with a killer storyline, more precisely a serial killer storyline. This plot will start in the April 5 episode and be spread over all remaining episodes.

The serial killer will be nicknamed the "Port-to-Port Killer" and is said to be extremely formidable that will prompt our favorite NCIS team to bring in at least two new agents in order to catch him.

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