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Monday, April 25, 2011

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Season Finale Scoop!

William Keck over at TVGuide.com was able to get a few more details about the season finale of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER during which a wedding will happen. Here are the new details he gave us today:

- We will learn a lot about the wedding in the season finale, but not everything.

- The finale will be titled "Challenge Accepted," which is Barney's catchphrase.

- During the finale, we will learn who the bride or groom is but not the other. The other individual's identity will be revealed next season.

- The series will keep touching back on the wedding to fill out the details more and more as it continues at least through 2013.

- Since Ted is the best man, we can assume that at least one or two of the following is intended bride and/or groom: Barney, Robin or Ted's childhood friend, Punchy.

- The wedding will not go great. It may be the end of somebody's love story and will be the beginning of Ted's.

Scoop for Upcoming Episodes of GOSSIP GIRL

TVGuide.com interviewed GOSSIP GIRL's executive producer Joshua Safran. Here's the scoop from that interview:

- The story between Dan and Blair is not over.

- There are no plans in the next five episodes for Ben to return, but his story with Serena will continue.

- In the last episodes of the season, we will see what exactly transpired between Bart and Raina's father Russell and Raina's mother. That story is of a piece with the Lilly story.

- In the last five episodes, Vanessa is very much trying to help get Dan back to his roots.

To read the full interview, click HERE.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sheldon to get a New Roommate on THE BIG BANG THEORY?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sheldon will be getting a new roommate when Leonard moves out! Don't adjust your computer monitor, Leonard is indeed moving out!!!

The new roommate will be a human -- don't say "d'uh" too fast as Sheldon could have a Shelbot move in! ;) -- and it will be someone we know. Sheldon will learn a lot from his new roommate and it will be a terrific experience. It's unknown yet if the roommate will be a temporary or permanent one.

Jim Carrey to Guest on THE OFFICE Season Finale

Give Me My Remote revealed yesterday that Jim Carrey would appear in the upcoming season finale of NBC's THE OFFICE. The season finale is set to introduce the character who'll get Michael's manager job and Ricky Gervais, Will Arnett, Ray Romano, James Spader, Catherine Tate, and Will Ferrell, will guest star.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More CASTLE Scoop!

TVLine was able to get some scoop about the season's penultimate episode.

- The death of the week is at a beauty pageant.
- Michael McKean plays a New York estate multi-millionaire who runs the beauty pageant.
- Teri Polo also guest stars.
- The episode also talks about Ashley going off to college and how it is presenting a complication for Alexis.

Ryan O'Neal Back for the BONES Season Finale

According to TVLine, Ryan O'Neil will be back for the season finale. His character, Max, is on a bowling team that is in the same league as the one the victim of the week was in.

More Calizona Scoop from GREY'S ANATOMY

Sara Ramirez revealed to TVLine that Bailey will not only officiate Callie & Arizona's wedding but she will also act as a spiritual guide. When Callie needs a pep talk, Bailey will tell her that God is everywhere and that a wedding doesn't have to happen in a church to be meaningful.

The Grim Reaper to Visit GLEE

TVLine reports that the penultimate episode of this season of GLEE will be titled "Funeral" and that it will feature the death of several things. Amongst these "deaths": a beloved character, and a major couple.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tidbits about GLEE's "Born This Way" Episode

Here are some tidbits, actor Max Adler, who portrays Dave Karofsky, revealed to TV Guide about the April 26 episode:

"Born This Way" by Lady Gaga is obviously a featured song in the episode and Karofsky is involved in that number. That song is the main focal point and message of the whole episode as far as people tackling their insecurities and overcoming things like sexuality or physical appearance. Everyone's got something they wish they could change. The episode is about the kids realizing the one thing they may not like about themselves is the one thing that makes them special.

Scoop for the CHUCK Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Here's some CHUCK scoop from TVGuide.com:

- Since Sarah has no friends and because her bridesmaids are off somewhere on a mission, Ellie plans a bachelorette party with a hot performance from a Thunder From Down Under-like group with some local flavor. That group is called The Snakes from Toluca Lake.

- Chuck's bachelor party will take place in Las Vegas and will be organized by Captain Awesome.

GLEE's Prom King and Queen

An extra on GLEE revealed a huge spoiler via Twitter. That spoiler is so huge, as Watch with Kristin reports, that it got that extra in hot water with the show's Powers That Be. Here is what she revealed:

Prom Queen: Kurt
Prom King: Karofsky

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Angela Delivers on BONES

It won't surprise you to learn that Angela will go into labor before the season ends, reports Entertainment Weekly. She and Hodgins will actually help solve a murder from the delivery room! Talk about dedication to their jobs!

GOSSIP GIRL Season Finale Scoop

The CW has yet to renew GOSSIP GIRL but that isn't stopping the series from giving us a two-part season finale that will end with multiple cliffhangers.

Entertainment Weekly got some scoop about the finale from exec producer Stephanie Savage. Here is a summary of these spoilers:

- The finale will include multiple cliffhangers, multiple parties, a love square, and a sweet moment for Chuck/Blair fans.

- Eleanor will be converting to Judaism.

- Blair will get engaged in the last several episodes (Note: this might happen before the two-part finale).

- The end of the season will very much be about what is the fairy tale Blair has been looking for. Is it with Chuck, Prince Louis, or Dan?

May Sweeps Details for CHUCK

Entertainment Weekly posted some juicy details of what will happen during the May Sweeps episodes of CHUCK. Here are the details:

- A tragedy involving a character we love will take place the night before Chuck and Sarah's rehearsal dinner. Death is not out of the options.

- One of the partygoers attending the bachelor party may find himself being tortured by Ray's men.

A NKOTB Member Visits PSYCH

The fan girl in me is just ecstatic by the news that a New Kids on the Block singer is dropping by PSYCH later this season. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Hanging Tough! ;)

Entertainment Weekly reports that Joey McIntyre will play a Santa Barbara PD cop that Shawn and Gus suspect is living a double life as "The Mantis," the city's mysterious masked vigilante who has single-handedly been taking down a drug syndicate.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lady Gaga Storyline on MODERN FAMILY

According to TVLine.com, during an upcoming episode Mitchell wants to go to a Lady Gaga concert with Cameron. When the latter gets sick, he must stay in bed and expects Mitchell to stay home to take care of him. Mitchell ends up drugging Cameron so he can sneak out and go to the Lady Gaga Concert.

NCIS: P2P Killer Storyline Intel

Entertainment Weekly reveals that Mike Franks and Trent Kort will join the NCIS team to help track the P2P killer. One member of the team (old, new, Mike and Trent) will die.

NCIS cast member Pauley Perrette revealed during CBS's Tweet Week event that the eye ball in Tony's drink at the end of the last episode belongs to someone we know!

Preview of Will Ferrell on THE OFFICE

Thursday, April 7, 2011


TVGuide.com just published intel on what's coming up on MODERN FAMILY: "When Phil takes advertising his real estate business to a new level by displaying a photo of the family on the side of their minivan, his cell phone blows up when he inadvertently offers special services from Claire and Haley. Plus: The Cameron-directed school musical turns into a disaster akin to that of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark."

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Prepares a New Mystery

TVLine.com was able to uncover spoilers for the season finale and next season! Here is a summary of what they uncovered:

- The wedding during which Ted will meet the "mother" will take place later in the future. In the last scene of the season finale, we will flashfoward to the wedding day. The scene should reveal who will get married.

- Season 7 will start in the present day and, throughout next season (and maybe beyond), clues about the wedding and the path that the couple took to get to that day will be given here and there as the wedding day is coming closer.

If you want to read the complete TVLine.com article about this, click HERE.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A GOSSIP GIRL Character Becoming an Actor?

As if we needed Serena's ego to grow bigger! Zap2It reports that Serena will be cast in a movie that will shoot in California.

Preview of CHUCK's April 11 Episode

GLEE Going Back to the 70s!

Will we get a Disco-themed episode on GLEE? Well, sure sounds like it because, as reported over at Watch with Kristin, the series is casting high school students for scenes set in the 70s!

FRINGE Season Finale Scoop

Matt Webb Mitovich over at TVLine.com reveals that DEADWOOD's Brad Dourif has been cast to play a mysterious character in the upcoming season finale of FRINGE. The only spoiler available right now is that this key character will be named Moreau.

Clark to Use a Phone-Booth in April 22's SMALLVILLE to Do You Know What

Okay, I admit it, Clark Kent using a phone-booth is not a stellar spoiler! But thing is that in the April 22 episode, he will enter a phone-booth to, yes, you guessed it, make a super-quick change from "Clark Kent" to "The Blur"!!!!! This means that Clark Kent will be one step closer to becoming Superman! Party!!!

This scoop was revealed by TVLine.com which also says that in the episode, titled "Booster," Lois will suggest to Clark that he should dial down and geek up his workplace persona so to distance "Clark Kent" from "The Blur." Head over to TVLine.com to check out exclusive photos of the episode.


William Keck over at TVGuide.com claims that the two-hour season finale will depict a progressive dinner party, with each acts featuring a course served in a different housewife's home. One of the courses is supposed to be served by someone trying to kill one of he attendees!

Could this "death plot" be linked to the "someone will try to kill Paul with antifreeze" plot we heard about a few days ago?

Or maybe, based off the preview we saw after last Sunday's episode, the Grim Reaper (aka Carlos) will try to kill Andrew by poisoning his meal so to seek revenge from Andrew running over Juanita (Carlos' mother)?!

Sneak Peek of April 11's CASTLE

Spoilers for MODERN FAMILY's April 13 Episode

TVLine.com reveals that the April 13 episode of MODERN FAMILY will offer big belly laughs. Here is what they say about the episode: "The storylines concern a marvelously mortifying ad that Phil has the family van shrink-wrapped with, Cameron evolving into “Bob Fussy” as the interim director of Manny’s school chorus, and Jay getting more than he bargained for when Gloria urges him to bond with his brother Donnie."

Season 5 Spoilers for CALIFORNICATION

If you watched the season finale of CALIFORNICATION a few days ago, you saw Hank drive off into the sunset. It almost felt like it could serve as a series finale! Not to worry, there will be a fifth season. Not only that but creator and executive producer Tom Kapinos already shared a few spoilers about the upcoming season with TVGuide.com! Here's the scoop:

- Season 5 will be set three years in the future.

- Hank will be living in New York. He will end up going back to L.A. on business for what he thinks is going to be a very quick trip. He'll end up staying there a lot longer than he would like.

- Hank and Karen will have remained mostly separated during the time jump.

- The time jump will help Becca come into her own. She'll be a more normal and grounded 19-year-old and will be in college. However, she will have a boyfriend that may or may not be like a young Hank Moody.

- Charlie will remain separated from Marcy. The plan is to have Marcy settle down with Stu.

If you want to read the full interview, click HERE.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Scoop on Callie and Arizona's Wedding on GREY'S ANATOMY

TVGuide.com reports that Callie and Arizona will get married in an outdoor ceremony officiated by Bailey. This event will happen in the May 5 episode.

Jonathan Groff Heads Back to GLEE

TVLine.com's Michael Ausiello reveals that Jonathan Groff is heading back to GLEE. His character, Jesse St. James, will appear in this season's finale three episodes. Jesse is back to apologize to Rachel and perhaps get her back!

BONES Finale Scoop!

The BONES season finale will be titled "The Change in the Game." Exec producer Stephan Nathan told Michael Ausiello that the main game in the episode is bowling but hat it's not  the only game that will be changed.

A GOSSIP GIRL Engagement!

As a GOSSIP GIRL viewer, I am not sure how I feel about the sound of this spoiler released by Michael Ausiello: "At some point before the end of the season, Blair will get engaged."

Say what?!? I doubt Blair and Dan will get engaged (although it would be quite the bombshell). I also doubt the show will give fans what they want: Blair and Chuck finally together forever. My bet is that Blair will accept a proposal from her French prince. After all, the latter will guest star in episodes set to air this spring! Will it be out of love or to give her French prince a Green Card?

The Eraser Visits CHUCK

According to Michael Ausiello, CHUCK's casting crew is looking for an actor to play the role of Clyde Decker, a determined and remorseless CIA agent who will go to any lengths and spare no expense in order to keep the CIA's secrets buried. Decker is nicknamed "The Eraser."

GLEE's Finn and Rachel Going Out On a Stakeout!

Michael Ausiello spoils that, in an upcoming episode titled "Rumors," Finn will go on a stakeout with Rachel when he is suspicious that Quinn is cheating on him with Sam. This episode will allow fans to see Sam's home life.


Michael Ausiello dishes that the season finale's cliffhanger will focus on Meredith, Cristina, and Alex. All will be left in a position that is surprising.

BROTHERS & SISTERS Season Finale Scoop!

The main storyline during the season (or series?) finale of BROTHERS & SISTERS will be Sarah and Luc's nuptials. TVGuide.com's William Keck adds the following details: "A mystery guest shows up in blue jeans to walk the bride down the aisle. The groom sings a Motown favorite, backed up by all the Walker boys. There may be another engagement. Kitty will be forced to make an extremely difficult decision." The finale will air on May 8.


William Keck from TVGuide.com reports that one of THE BIG BANG THEORY guys will pop the question in the April 7 episode and that the couple will probably get married. His report doesn't include which couple might get hitched. However, the episode's official description says "Howard takes a big step in his relationship with Bernadette."

HOUSE: Season finale scoop!

Shohreh Aghdashloo, who appeared on FOX's 24, will guest star in the HOUSE season finale. No details on what role she will play are available at this time. Check SpoilerFix.com regularly as I will post updates on this finale as they are leaked on the web. According to TVLine.com, who scooped this casting stunt, the finale will be titled "Moving On."

BONES: Sniper Storyline to Be Resolved This Season - UPDATED!

According to TVGuide.com, the sniper storyline will be resolved in this season's penultimate episode, titled "The Hole in the Heart."

Tina Majorino was cast in the role of a young special agent named Genny Shaw. She will help the team hunt down Jacob Broadsky. However, her inexperience will put bother her and Booth in danger when her cover is blown by Broadsky during a stakeout.

A Medical Crisis on THE BIG BANG THEORY

According to TVLine.com, Howard's mother will end up in the hospital in an upcoming episode. The website hints that Bernadette may have played a role in Mrs. Wolowitz's injury.

HOUSE Mystery: Where Was Thirteen This Past Year?

OMG! and WTF? is probably what some of you HOUSE fans will say after reading the official episode description for the April 11 episode of the series. That episode is extra special for two reasons: it's the show's 150th episode and Olivia Wilde returns!

Here's the scoop from FOX's press release:

Thirteen has been in prison for the past year, but the real mystery for House is what she did to get there. When she exits the prison, she is taken aback to find him waiting for her, and unaware he's got plans for the two of them for the next few days. As House probes Thirteen for more information about her crime, intent on solving the puzzle of her mysterious incarceration, they travel to an annual spud-gun competition and join forces to compete against House's much younger, overconfident rival, and along the journey uncover secrets and truths about each other. At the hospital, the team treats a science teacher suffering from severe respiratory illness, and when the team inspects the patient's house for clues to his illness, they immediately learn he's a hoarder. But upon a second visit to obtain more information, they uncover something in the many piles that shocks them. Also, Taub tries to get back into the dating scene, but winds up retreating to his old habits in the all-new "The Dig" episode of HOUSE airing Monday, April 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


Paul will once again be the target of a death plot. According to EW.com, this time someone will use antifreeze to try to kill him.

John Schneider to Appear in April 15 Episode of SMALLVILLE

John Schneider will guest star in the April 15 episode of SMALLVILLE. TVLine.com reveals that the episode, titled "Kent," will take place in the same alternate world that Clark visited in the "Luthor" episode.

In "Kent," our Clark will visit the alternate universe after evil Clark Luthor tricks him. While in the alt world, our Clark will be mistaken by Jonathan for the now-unmasked Ultraman. Jonathan will decide to take justice into his own hands. In the alt world, Jonathan is broke, homeless, and is not in a relationship with Martha.

In the meantime, Clark Luthor will visit Tess in "our" world. He threatens her by saying that she has to either side with him or die.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Adds Two Potentially Recurring Characters

Zap2It.com reveals that Chi McBride and Dave Foley will both appear in the season finale and that their respective roles may become recurring.

McBride will play Rod, a construction foreman working on the new GBN HQ site. Foley will play a character who works at the best environmental law firm in New York and who'll interview Marshall for a job.