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How to Get Away With Murder

Network: ABC
Airtime: Thursdays 10/9c
Current Season: Season 3 (15 episodes?)
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Episode 3.08 - No More Blood
Air Date: November 10, 2016
  • NEW! 11/06/2016 - Annalise and Bonnie turn to an unlikely source for help, bringing the tension among the Keating 5 to a head. Meanwhile, Annalise takes on a surprising client. Source: The Futon Critic

Episode 3.09 - Who's Dead?
Air Date: November 17, 2016
  • NEW! 11/06/2016 - Annalise receives a tip about A.D.A. Atwood that leads to a heated confrontation with Nate. Meanwhile, the deadly events leading up to Annalise's house fire reveal who's under the sheet, on the winter finale. Source: The Futon Critic

Episode 3.10 - TBA
Air Date: January 19, 2017

Other Spoilers
  • NEW! 11/06/2016 - A recent casting notice for a pair of recurring, behind-bars characters makes me think [one of the series regulars will actually get convicted for a crime]. The ABC drama is seeking a fortysomething female to play Claudia, a “tough, scrappy, lower working-class” inmate searching for connection in her lonely prison life. We’ll also meet Jasmine, a tough cookie in her 60s who’s got no shortage of gravitas; just because she’s a silent loner, though, doesn’t mean she can’t forge bonds with people. Source: Ask Ausiello

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