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Hello everyone, In the coming weeks, I'll be revamping and reviving SpoilerFix.com. My health is much better and my schedule allows me...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on site status

Good day everyone,

As you can see, SpoilerFix.com hasn't been updated in quite a while. Sadly, health issues have taken me away from my SpoilerFix duties. I'm sure you understand that my health comes first.

SpoilerFix.com is not closed. I'm doing a bit better health-wise which should allow me to start to revive the site in the coming weeks/months. I might change its format a bit and content (although spoilers will still be there, not to worry). I have to take the time to analyze what I want the site to be, what I want to offer for content, the time I can devote to this site (I do have other web projects out there too), etc.

Thank you for your support and patience throughout the years since SpoilerFix.com was created.