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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Site changes

As you have surely witnessed in the past months, the site hasn't been updated as often as it used to. Part of it is because some staff left, another part is because of changes in the lives of the remaining staff, another part is due to health issues, and finally part of it is because I'm the sole site updater.

In the past weeks, I've pondered how I could change the site to make it easier for me to maintain alone while still offering you the spoilers you seek.

What I now present you is a site that focuses on less shows. However, the shows the site does cover all get their own page. (The "other shows" page is gone.) What that allows me to do is provide you with the spoilers from official sources and known gossip/spoilers sources. This also allows me to focus on finding exclusive spoilers for less series than before.

As you'll see, I've given a few series their own pages (90210, Greek, Reaper, etc.). Bringing the total of shows fully-covered to 17. I'll be adding 3 other shows in the near future (The Office, more than likely being one of them). However, know that I will not go over 20 fully-covered shows so that I can still manage updating the site properly.

If I ever stumble on exclusive spoilers for other series or if I have extra time to post spoilers for series not fully-covered on the site, I'll use the blog to share them with you.

In the coming two weeks, I'll be back tracking spoilers for the series that now have their own pages so that you have the most complete collection of spoilers for each series as possible.

Note that the Lost page will get a massive update in the coming two weeks. I have been away for almost 3 weeks and haven't been able to watch the 2-hour premiere yet so I can't update the page properly until I'm all caught up with the series (that way I can dish the old spoilers and add the new ones).

I want to thank you for your support and faith in the site over the years and hope you will stay with me for years to come!