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Network: Lifetime
Airtime: Not on the schedule
Current Season: Season 3 (10 episodes)
Official website

Episode 3.01 - TBA
Air Date: TBA

Other Spoilers

  • NEW! 11/06/2016 - At least as of right now, Everlasting‘s husband-hunter will be a 30-something named Serena. She’s described as a successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist who’ll win America over with her outward strength and inner vulnerability. Among the guys who’ll woo her we have: * Owen: a “dashingly handsome firefighter and Army veteran” who’s a single dad to a 6-year-old daughter. Though Owen is a good guy for the most part, his “fiercely masculine temper” — stemming from incidents in his past — might prove problematic. * Jasper: a Wall Street investment banker who knows what an attractive mate he’d make for Serena. Yeah, he’s cocky, but he really wants to find love with the right woman. No, seriously! * August: a professional surfer who left the sport to “join the Peace Corps and save the world.” He is the most perfect male specimen on the dating show this season; however, what he says and what he means don’t always match up. Also, this bit’s too perfect not to share verbatim: “He regularly showers under waterfalls, showing off his fantastic abs and man bun.” * Alexi: a badass professional ballet dancer whose pliĆ©s have sculpted him in all the right places. He’s sophisticated yet tattooed, and he may be Eastern European. Source: TV Line

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