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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Episode 1.06 - Chuck Versus the Sandworm [Airing October 29]: Chuck meets Lazslo, who was recruited to work for the company as a young boy, but is bitter and unhappy. Much to Chuck's shock, he uses the Buy More Home Theater Room and sets a stealth bombing onto Delaware. Casey is given the order to bring in Lazslo because the government has been looking for him for a month. He is told to take caution because the man is more dangerous than he looks. Sarah learns later that Lazslo isn't dangerous, just mentally-unstable. Chuck goes off on Morgan about growing up and getting out of the dead end job of working retail. Chuck helps a mystery customer with a simple fix to a simple problem and is pleased when the mystery customer turns out to be a human resource man there to screen him for the assistant manager position. Chuck finds himself alone in the store with a madman. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 1.07 - Chuck Versus the Icelandic Archer [Airing November 5]: One of Chuck's old college professors is involved with the company and suddenly finds a bad man in his class. He runs to his office and escapes through a secret hole in his closet floor. Casey tells Chuck that he will be going with them to talk to the man, in the hopes that he will cooperate. From flashbacks, we learn that in college, Bryce Larkin told the professor that Chuck had stolen an answer key to the mid-term to cheat with and to sell, which is why Chuck was kicked out of school. While trying to recover some intel that the professor had saved, Sarah and Casey hold off the bad guys so Chuck can escape with the disc. He realizes they need help and calls several people for backup, struggling to remember the code phrase so they will know he's for real. The backup responds just in time, as Sarah and Casey run out of ammo. Chuck finally gets to look at the info on the disc and learns what really happened in his past. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 1.08 - Chuck Versus the Truth [Airing November 12]: A man named Mason Whitney is held hostage and given a truth poison, which will make him tell the truth and then die unless given the antidote, which is held by his captor, Robinson Payne. Payne releases Whitney, planting him with a bug and telling him to get the information he wants. Whitney dies and Ellie tries to help him in the ambulance. Payne disguises himself as a policeman and visits her to ask if Whitney gave her anything. She tells him no and he secretly bugs her in the same way he did Whitney. Before Payne leaves, he sprays poison under Ellie's nose without her knowledge. Casey, Sarah and Chuck find Payne and extract the information about the antidote and the other information he has by dosing him with the poison as well. Alias' Kevin Weisman guest stars. Source: SpoilerFix.com


  1. *waits patiently for more info*

  2. Isn't Rachel Bilson guest starring?? Where is this info???