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Monday, April 21, 2008

Gossip Girl - Spoilers

Thanks to The CW, I had the chance to receive a Gossip Girl DVD copy featuring cast interviews, a look at the fashion and the upcoming episodes, B-roll footage, etc. Since the cast was promoting upcoming episodes in the interviews, a few spoilers were leaked. Here are tidbits about what will happen next (some you may know as we've hinted about them in our spoilers):
  • Serena left town because of something that could get her in trouble with the law and not because she slept with Nate.
  • Vanessa and Jenny will get some lovin'. Jenny will date someone who she thinks is poor at first -- he walks dogs when they first meet -- but will end up being a rich kid from Upper East Side.
  • There will be a wedding.
  • Jenny and Blair will face off for Queen B status. This quest to be on top will have Jenny ignore some of her friends such as Eric.
  • Chuck will take Eric under his wings and become friends with Serena.
  • Rufus will go back to the stage and continue dating.
  • Georgina Sparks is back after a year away in Switzerland. She'll show Serena, who is not thrilled to see her at first, that the inner bad girl never dies.
  • Gossip Girl will set a new standard for stuff she'll post on her blog.


    Several PD spoilers have been released for weeks now, please add them to your PD spoilers.

  2. Shows on the "other shows" page are only covered partially. By this we mean that we only put episodic spoilers. Yes, there have been spoilers leaked about PD in the past weeks but we don't post them since they are not "episodic". When new episodes of the series are produced, we will post new spoilers.